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( — August 18, 2015) Gilbert, Arizona — AZCOMP Technologies is offering medical practice administrators and others who are concerned about the impact the transition to ICD-10 will have on their organizations the opportunity to receive free training for ICD 10 implementation at a conference on August 26, 2015 at the company’s offices at 890 W. Elliot Road, Gilbert, Arizona. The medical software company promises that participants will get software-specific information to help practices get their staff and software ready to meet the challenges associated with the switch from ICD-9.

As October 1, 2015 fast approaches, the health care industry is bracing for a major change in the way illnesses and injuries are noted on patient records, insurance reimbursement requests and other health-related records. The reason is the transition to a new edition of the International Classification of Diseases. Since it is the tenth edition of the coding system developed the World Health Organization, it is referred to as ICD10.

“We know that delays in the implementation of the switch from ICD-9 have kept many health care practitioners from making the commitment to train their key personnel in the new coding system until they knew of a definitive deadline,” according to spokesman for AZCOMP Technologies. “Now that the reality of conversion to the new system has set in, we felt the timing was right to offer an opportunity to get caught up in the collegial environment of a conference.”

Scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. and run until 1 p.m. on August 26, 2015, the conference is designed to include a great deal of information into a short amount of time in order to fit within the tight schedules of medical practitioners and medical practice administrators. Experts in the two of the most popular medical coding and billing programs will be on hand to offer insight into how the conversion from existing ICD-9 codes will integrate with these programs.

Conference attendees may participate in classes geared specifically for Medisoft users and taught by AZCOMP trainer Loree Olsen. Lytec users will receive specialized information on the update from trainer Maggie Delcamp. All participants will be privileged to hear from McKesson National Director of Medisoft and Lytec Sales, Tony Peterson. Both classes will focus on the tenth edition features for each program and the best methods for optimizing them. Participants will have plenty of time to ask questions about their particular software, enjoy a light luncheon and be entered to win various prizes offered by AZCOMP. 

AZCOMP Technologies provides nationwide technical support services for all of the software it sells. It also offers extensive onsite and remote training so this complementary conference is no surprise for medical professionals who have worked with the software company in the past.


Advanced registration for the conference is required due to space limitations. Interested participants should register at the AZCOMP Technologies website at or call 888-350-3393 for further information on the ICD-10 Prep Conference. 

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AZCOMP Technologies has become the one source that medical practices and health care professionals rely upon for medical billing, electronic medical records and practice management software. They have locations in Gilbert, Arizona, and Rancho Mirage, California. The company does not, however, limit its services to only the states in which it has offices. Expert technicians provide training, software installation and support services to customers throughout the United States. This is accomplished remotely or through on-site visits to customer offices and facilities.

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