Safety Conscious Firm Unveils Freezable Lunch Box On Amazon

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( — August 20, 2015) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS — A Nevada-based children’s accessory retailer called Freddie and Sebbie has now been selling children products on Amazon for over two years. In a recent media interview, the company has given an insight to their fight versus contaminants and chemicals in family type accessories. Co-director Neil Speight said: “We entirely agree that moms and dads should have a look at testimonials and speak with other parents about items they are thinking about purchasing.” he included: “the essential thing is to find a merchant that is working just as hard to keep your child safe and happy as you do. At Freddie and Sebbie, we try our hardest to make parenting as easy as possible, and that means we share the load, particularly when it concerns child safety.”


The whole Freddie and Sebbie variety has been thoroughly checked by both their own agents, and the friendly testing team over at making sure every product is entirely bpa, lead and pvc free. Speight continued by stating: “Even if no one is putting the item straight in their mouth, we personally wouldn’t risk cutting any corner, particularly when it concerns items that could be chewed on, and even our brand-new line of accessories that are made to pack food.”


Speight continued to discuss food safety measures, saying: “Take our freezable lunch bag for instance. At 8.5 x 9.1 x 0.4 inches, this is the perfect accompaniment for any lunchtime, for adults or kids alike. It includes a special u shaped zip, which has been shown to hold in cold air for longer for optimum freshness, but it’s additionally completely toxin free. Whether you’re an adult looking out for your kids, or simply an adult looking out for yourself, it’s always assuring to know that you’re not susceptible to harmful chemicals and toxins throughout lunch hour.”


According to the product description seen on the amazon marketplace, not only is it guaranteed to keep toxins out, but with its distinct freezing gel integrated into the bag, it’s really guaranteed to keep the cold in. One anonymous customer stated impressively as validated feedback that he had actually left the bag out for an entire day in the hot sun, but still managed to take pleasure in a fresh, chemical-free lunch. He added: “At 7 hours, beverages were still cold. At 10 hours, the bag was not frozen and beverages were cool.”


Whilst in another recent review, Becky and Jm couldn’t believe just how easy yet useful the lunch bag actually was, including: “Often, in life, I can discover something so simply great I question why I hadn’t seen it or thought of it before. A lifetime of taking lunches to work, sending lunches to school with my boys, car journeys, dealing with frozen blocks or frozen balls that take up space, but the concept of just making the lunch box the freezer? Seriously, this lunch box simply tickles me pink with how clever it is!”


The Freddie and Sebbie whole variety of chemical-free household devices is readily available to see on their amazon marketplace store, with further information discovered on their website at


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