Preferred Pest Control in Savannah, GA., Moving to New Location

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Termite and pest control company’s new office will have nearly double the square footage

Preferred Pest Control in Savannah, Ga., is moving to a new location with larger buildings that will make the office more productive and more convenient for customers, according to company spokesperson Nick Wheeler.  

New location with better accessibility

Since 1988, Preferred Pest Control has occupied a single building on a small plot of land in Garden City, near Savannah, Ga. The new location will include two new office buildings with more square footage and advertising space.

The old building was set back from the road, but the two new buildings are closer to the road, providing a more easily accessible parking lot and road frontage that will increase visibility. The new location will also have, for the first time, a lighted sign.

Double the square footage of the old Preferred Pest Control location

The new Preferred Pest Control location will have nearly double the usable workspace of the current location, so the company will be able to hire more pest control technicians, therefore providing better service to customers and creating more jobs in the community.

Curb appeal that suits Savannah style

Best of all, the new location has a pretty front porch that better suits the Savannah atmosphere and a better parking lot. Both will increase curb appeal and project a friendlier image to potential customers.

Construction/remodeling is underway now to get the new offices ready. The move is expected to be completed in December 2015 or January 2016. 

About Preferred Pest Control

Preferred Pest Control is a pest management company that has been serving the Savannah area since 1988. In the past 25 years, Preferred Pest Control has become an authority on controlling local pests by studying their behavior and having insider knowledge on their unique low country environment. Preferred Pest Control offers bed bug and termite control services as well as a plethora of other pest control services. For more information, visit or call 912-236-5135.

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