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( — August 21, 2015) Wilmington, NC —In the heat of summer, keeping a building’s interior comfortably cool can be challenging. This results in high energy expenditure and costs. All Seasons Roofing, Inc. suggests that those living in warm climates consider installing an energy-efficient cool roof on their home or commercial building to improve energy efficiency.

While there are many different styles and types of energy-efficient cool roofs, they all work in a similar way. These roofs reflect more sunlight than their traditional counterparts. This causes less heat to be absorbed by the roof, which in turn keeps the building or house cooler even when the temperatures soar outside.

The most important aspect of an energy-efficient cool roof is the outermost surface that is exposed to the sun. This layer may be made of highly-reflective paints, tiles, shingles, or sheet coverings. These materials can be installed on new construction or existing roofs.

Thanks to the lower absorption of heat, these roofs can reduce the energy demand for cooling during peak hours by up to 15%. During the summer, a standard roof can reach temperatures of up to 150 degrees. With an energy-efficient cool roof, these temperatures are reduced to 100 degrees or less. Over the lifespan of the house or building, the savings on energy costs can total in the thousands.

One small drawback to energy-efficient cool roofs is that they will decrease heat absorption during the winter months. Although this slightly increases heating costs when the weather is cold, the benefits gained far outweigh this minor issue.

Energy-efficient cool roofs are becoming increasingly popular. According to a 2006 study by the EPA on Energy Star partners, “shipments of cool roof products have grown to represent more than 25 percent of these manufacturers’ commercial roof products and roughly 10 percent of their residential roof products.” With a big move towards green living, these numbers are likely even higher now.

Energy-efficient cool roofs can also have a positive impact on the environment as they continue to become increasingly common. As more homes and buildings use these roofs, communities will enjoy reduced power plant emissions. This may also lead to a drop in outside temperatures, as well as reducing heat islands in urban locations.

All Seasons Inc. offers free estimates on energy-efficient cool roofs in North Carolina. Anyone interested in learning more is encouraged to visit the company’s website at

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