Scientists Speak Out On Depression

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( — August 24, 2015) SteyniSteyningng, West Sussex —  In the Daily Telegraph, it has been reported in the science section that sad friends don’t not bring people down, while upbeat moods are actually contagious. Scientists carried out their research at the universities of Manchester and Warwick, while studying 2,000 teenagers to deter whether their social groups did have any influence over how they went on to feel about life.


According to the report, scientists found that happy mentally stable friends could help improve the mood of anyone depressed, though more important of all they found that depressed people had virtually no impact on the state of mind of people around them. Dr Thomas House from the University of Manchester has said: “Social factors for example, have shown that living alone or having experienced childhood abuse, can actually influence whether a person becomes depressed or not.”


In The Guardian, an article recently published in the Entrepreneur section has spoken of a new revolutionary “cloth cap,” with scientists claiming it can be used to help treat depression. The claims have caused some alarm in the Neurosciences and Mental Health fields, with high level representatives calling for a closer look into what the manufacturers are now claiming. According to the company in question’s website, the “cloth cap” can be used for monitoring brain activity, and administering light electrical currents to various regions of the brain, which are used to treat a number of neurological and psychiatric conditions.


Recent reports of people getting over depression in scores of different countries continue to be published, with one World War II blitz survivor saying how after 30 years of struggling with post traumatic stress disorder, he was now free of depression. According to Andrew Wray, his help arrived in the form of a self development course called A Bug Free Mind, currently be following by people from over 130 different nations. Regarding the depression cure claims, A Bug Free mind author Andy Shaw is quoted as saying in a recent blog post: “Now I quite understand that depression sufferers may feel that by me saying it’s easy to cure is virtually an insult. However, it genuinely is the truth. You see, I’ve met so many people who suffer from depression, and the incredible thing is, that they all say the exact same thing. Seriously folks, it’s all in the mind.”


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