Viratech Corp. Announces Dr. Kevin Buckman as New Chief Medical Officer

Four years ago Viratech had a vision in creating a unique software platform, now built Dr.Buckman will be our Chief Medical Officer.

( -- August 26, 2015) --RENO, NEVADA /August 25, 2015 –Viratech, Corp. (OTC: VIRA), is a software company focusing on developing disruptor based applications in the communication broadcasting, work flow management, crowd sourced labor and  biotechnology fields.  The Company announced today that Kevin Buckman MD has become its new CMO (Chief Medical Officer).   Dr. Buckman previously served as CEO of Viratech Corp.

“Four years ago Dr. Buckman had a vision in creating a software platform that could capture, interact and broadcast information in a unique way.  Now that the computer software infrastructure is built, I am excited that Dr. Buckman will be our Chief Medical Officer in charge of all new Biotech applications of our new software platform” stated Fred Schiemann,  Viratech’s new Chief Executive Officer.


Kevin Buckman MD, is a best-selling author on cancer, diabetes and cellular metabolism. He has over thirty nine years of Health Care Experience in a variety of areas of medicine, including research, diagnosis, and application of current medicine and other procedures.  Dr. Buckman has presented research, published articles and books in the field of medicine, and has given lectures at numerous hospitals and at Medical Conferences in many different countries.


During the last thirty five years, he has worked to advance a number of medical technologies with a focus on Non-Harmful early detection of disease, with a primary focus on Breast Cancer, Diabetes and other auto-immune diseases.  He is currently serving on the Industry Advisory Board for the University of Pacific School of Engineering and Computer Science and a Visiting Professor.   He has decades of hospital Medical Director experience and has served on over many hospital committees for thirty five years and has served as Medical Director or Associate Director at Multiple Institutions.


About Viratech Corp.

Viratech is a software company focusing on developing disruptor based applications in the communication broadcasting, work flow management, crowd sourced labor and social media fields.  To learn more about Viratech please visit

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