Unique Car Shade For Babies Protects Against Harmful UV Rays

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(Newswire.net — August 30, 2015) Sanford, FL — According to Baby Sun Shade, their car shade for babies is by far superior to the usual standard mesh due to its better design. Baby Sun Shade is able to block up to 97% of harmful UV rays. This amount is much more than the usual standard mesh shades.

Baby Sun Shade is a suitable covering for windows that can help to prevent sunburn on babies. This car shade for babies also stops the sun’s glare from going into children’s eyes.

One verified purchaser Tam was impressed by the car shade for babies’ ability to block sunlight and commented, “After I put them on, I sat in my back seat to see how much sun light it allowed to pass through. It wasn’t very much. I was able to sit comfortably and not have to wear sun glasses or cover my eyes. These are great quality window shades, and very convenient since all you have to do is stick them on. I’ve owned shades where you have to roll it out onto the window, and those were a nightmare.”

According to Monika’s Marketplace, this car shade for babies is easy to attach to car windows unlike other similar products. Simply wipe windows with a damp cloth and attach the car shade for windows. The sun shade attaches by static electricity so it tends to cling to windows securely. The hotter the sun gets, the firmer it can attach.

According to Monika’s Marketplace, this design of the car shade for babies is ideal and superior to other products. Other car shades tend to use suction cups that are likely to fall off, end up in babies’ mouths or eventually get lost. With no additional parts or sections, these car window shades become a good part of the user’s travel experience.

Storage of the car shade for babies is simple. The user only has to roll it up and keep it safe indoors or in the glove compartment for another road trip. The size of the car shade is compact at 18 X 15 inches.

Even though compact in dimensions, the car shade for babies is wide enough to cover most rear window seats. This means that toddlers and infants can get the maximum relief from the harmful glares of the sun. 

About Baby Car Shade

Monika’s Marketplace is a company that prides itself in high quality, practical, and affordable products for the home and family. Their baby car shade is made to provide full protection of babies and worry free from the heat that may cause skin illness. This baby car shade can be found on Amazon.com.

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