Drone Finds Man Sunbathing Atop Wind Power Turbine

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(Newswire.net — August 29, 2015) — Some people would go to the extremely unusual places to enjoy the moment by themselves. Thanks to the drone technology and Internet, many others can follow.

One man climbed to the top of the wind power plant and sunbath with the staggering view. He took a life-threatening risk to climb up there to enjoy a daring spot all by himself, The Daily Mirror reported.

Meanwhile, a drone pilot named Kevin Miller from San Diego, California, launched his helicam drone to shoot a film on wind power plants. While taking some close-ups footage of a wind turbine in Rhode Island during his vacation, he saw a figure of a man on the top of a turbine.

No one knows who was surprised more, a filmmaker to see a man taking a nap on a 200-foot wind turbine, or a man whose peace was disturbed by an unexpected visitor. Nonetheless, the video ended up on YouTube and was embedded by interested media who published a story national wide.

The video of a bearded man stretched out and catching some rays on the top of a wind-turbine become viral. Videographer wanted to grab attention by some magnificent angles of a wind power plant, but when he saw the odd site on his monitor, he knew that would grab attention.

“At that point I decided to take a closer look by moving closer to say ‘hi.’ Once I got closer I moved the drone side to side to say ‘hello’, and he motioned back to the drone. It was a cool interaction between us,” Miller said.

In the video, the man on top of the 200-foot wind turbine waves to the drone as it flies closer and lingers near him before zooming out as the video ends.

As if the taking a nap on narrow unsecured 200-foot high location, Miller said when the drone landed, the man leaned over and the two waved to each other.

“The guy must have been napping because he did not notice the drone for 5-10 seconds,” Miller said to the Daily Mirror.

At first, public speculated birded man’s identity as logical conclusion would be that he is a maintenance worker who decided to take a nap on his job, believing no one would know.

The truth, however, is much more intriguing. According to WPRO News, the man is a monk who works at the nearby Portsmouth Abbey School.

In fact, the school even told the station that it’s not rare for the monk to soak in the sun atop the turbine.