Police Department Supplies Teens With Summer Jobs

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(Newswire.net — September 1, 2015) Las Vegas, NV — Worchester Police Department has been able to develop a Summer Jobs Program, working with at-risk youths and providing them with safe activities in the summer months. The Summer Jobs program is just one of nearly a dozen programs police offer to the community. The department is working to combat the rise of non-fatal shootings, victims often being young people, and gang activity that is often sparked in the summer months. The department is dedicated to preparing the teenagers for the future, by connecting with the youth and serving as mentors for them.

According to Telegram.com, the Police Department, in a partnership with the Worcester Youth Center, have funded employment for ten people ages seventeen to twenty-one who are not in school so they can enter jobs such as urban forestry year round. This helps youths gain marketable skills, build self-confidence, and self-esteem. This also helps the Police Department offer the best long-term solutions for improving safety, stability, and security in the city. It also helps them gain a better relationship with their community and helps to generate more support for police at the neighborhood level.

“Many citizens are unaware that the majority of police training is based on safety…insuring the safety of their community,” says Randy Sutton, founder of the group Angel Shields, a group dedicated to bridge the gap between the community and the police. “When there are large gatherings, communities rely on law enforcement to insure their safety. If a suspicious situation arises, the first number that comes to mind is 911.”

“We support law enforcement. We do not support the rare bad apple or rogue cop who oversteps his authority, the constitution or generally accepted moral behavior. The media is pushing content to make it appear ALL cops are thugs. This is simply not true, so our agenda is designed to bring honesty and balance to what you see, hear and believe,”explains Sutton.

Sutton is trying to prove that while there are a few bad apples in the bunch, as with any profession, that not every police officer that a person encounters is that bad apple. He is determined to prove that police officers are just people, just like you or one of your neighbors.

Police officers are risking their lives every single day to serve and protect the lives of their community. The huge flow of negative publicity only focuses on the tiny 1%, and leaves the other 99% carrying the bad reputation on their shoulders. Sutton’s company, http://angelshields.com is working to bridge the gap between the police force and the community and make sure that the 99% are given the recognition they deserve. “Our communities are becoming psychologically segregated from the police. Angel Shields mission is to not only bridge that gap, but to bring respect, honor and understanding for both groups,” explains Sutton.



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