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(Newswire.net — September 1, 2015) Kobe, Hyogo-ken — The ability to deal with depression is an issue that many people struggle with, yet simple mind-body techniques offer a more effective and simple treatment option than they have previously had credit for. Recent clinical studies though published via the NIH.Gov website have indicated strong linkage between the practice of meditation and the improvement of patients mental health. The studies echo the knowledge that many meditation teachers and practitioners have long been aware of. One of the key studies published – titled “The Effectiveness Of A Brief Mind-Body Intervention For Treating Depression In Community Health Center Patients.” carried out by 12 doctors; Miller KM, Chad-Friedman E, Haime V, Mehta DH, Lepoutre V, Gilburd D, Peltier-Saxe D, Lilley C, Benson H, Fricchione GL, Denninger JW, Yeung A. – had held depression as its main focus, though following the analysis of data taken it acknowledged the benefits of meditating, as one of the mind-body intervention techniques taught, had far more wide reaching effects.

Beneficial Training In Mind-Body Intervention For Depression Techniques

Over the course of 6 weeks patients from 2 community health centers were given a 90 minute training in mind-body intervention for depression (MBID) techniques which “elicit the relaxation response (RR)”, of which meditation was one. The patients all undergoing treatment for depression were taken through the training and assessed prior to the training, at the end of the training and again at a point 3 months thereafter.

Key Findings Backing MBID

One of the key things to note from the study in relation to the findings is that “Significant post-treatment improvements were shown in depressive symptoms, spiritual growth, mental health, and quality of life”. In addition to this it was stated that “Three-month follow-up data suggest that the improvement in outcomes were sustained 3 months after the intervention.” as such indicating that those suffering from mental health issues such as depression can achieve long term improvements in their wellbeing from achieving an effective relaxation response. The full study can be accessed via http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25984404.

Options For Those Unable To Access Such Medical Care

Whilst this study, and various others, indicate that mind-body techniques produce highly beneficial outcomes for those with depression, there are few programs currently available for people to actually join. That said there are a wide number of options open for people who wish to access resources that aid their improved mental and emotional condition.


The recently published SurgingLife guide on how to deal with depression offer users world wide the opportunity to enhance their mental health with ease by using MBID techniques which are detailed on the site and made very easy to follow. Through the use of things including essential oils and meditation people can easily elicit an effective relaxation response for themselves and promote their own wellbeing with a view to actually creating joyful living.

Using Learning And Using MBID Online With SurgingLife.Com

SurgingLife was founded with a desire of aiding people around the world to achieve joyful living through positive and holistic life change. Within the site there are numerous mind-body intervention techniques, the majority of which have full and free explanation, along with resources to aid in their practice. This then yields opportunity for people to gain positive influence over their health, thus helping with the treatment of depression and other similar conditions, especially when they practice with the techniques on a regular basis.

Attaining Positive Influence Over Wellbeing With Ease

One very easy way in which to positively influence mental health is via relaxation music. When People give themselves a quality period of time within which to generate an effective relaxation response they can become both calmer and more positive. Through the use of relaxation music the ability to relax on a deeper level becomes far greater, a point which has been noted and researched by many including professor Raymond A. R. MacDonald of the Edinburgh of University.


Whilst using music to relax to is nothing new, the choice of music that many make often runs contrary to the effect that most people desire. The effects of lyrics, the tempo of the music and various other factors all coming into play together.


These are just some of the considerations taken into account during development of the various SurgingLife music resources, where emphasis is placed on generating the best possible outcome for the users as with all their all resources. Something that the brand holds of vital importance when creating pieces to aid people in treating conditions such as depression.

Holistic Natural Treatment For Depression

Through the use of relaxation music, brainwave entrainment, essential oils and more alongside the practice of meditation people can take charge of their wellbeing and mental health in a strong way. Through simple action taken on a daily basis, in terms of using these mind-body methods, the experience of life is one that can be relatively easily and comfortably transformed. Users can discover more on holistic wellbeing via https://surginglife.com and more specifically regarding music that can be beneficial to their health at https://surginglife.com/wellness/music/.

About SurgingLife

SurgingLife brings aid for everyone seeking positive life change. For those who have been wondering what they can do in order to realise a far more positive lifestyle and a good quality of life, this site is the place to get the help needed. Drawing from meditation, essential oils, ho’oponopono, brainwave entrainment and a wide variety of other things there is solid ground to help those wishing to make meaningful life changes and achieve joyful living. The website can be found at https://surginglife.com


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