Chad Chiniquy Real Estate Sales Training Seminars Pull Back the Curtains

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( — September 1, 2015) — Real estate investment guru Chad Chiniquy who has invested more than $100 million in the United States real estate market in the last 20 years, and has coached over 1000 students, is launching a new series of seminars nationwide focusing on real estate investing.

The following press release will be highlighting several of the most important key factors that Chad Chiniquy will be discussing in his seminars and it addresses the most substantial and essential pillars for building a quality real estate investing business.

This informational press release is only the first in a series of over three dozen that will focus on the different varieties and types of financing, funding and investing that can be acquired for real estate deals whether large or small.

Foundational Knowledge For Real Estate Investing:

Investing in real estate involves the ownership, purchase, management, renting, or buying selling of real estate properties for-profit, real estate is thus technically an asset with varying degrees of liquidity.

Real estate investing can also be very capital intensive up front and the quality of the deal investors receive is highly dependent on cash flow.

All of the preceding factors must be understood well and managed properly before venturing into the real estate business the following is what you should expect concerning real estate.

The educational seminars conducted by Chad Chiniquy will do just that.

Proper real estate investing requires good up to date education and the proper selecting of niches and strategies prior to beginning investment in the real estate business.
Acquiring Capital:

It is vital that potential investors first get educated about the most crucial concepts required for profitable investing.

There are so many ways to get started and build up knowledge about real estate when it comes to selecting which area to specialize in, there are various angles and strategies from which this business can be approached, the more an investor focuses on one particular thing the more knowledgeable that investor will become about it.

It is also important to look deeper at the different strategies available and when to best use each depending upon which one  can give better profitability in real estate investing at any given time.

The Importance of Having a Business Plan To Invest in Real Estate :

As the capital involved is very large, a solid plan is essential to investing in the best possible way to minimize risk and maximize gains, investors must create a strong foundation with which the investing business will stand upon.

The simplest way to do this is by learning about the best ways of building such a foundation order to maximize the odds of success in real estate investing.

Finding the best investment properties when it is time to ask for and make the first investment purchase, it is highly important that one paid less capital and ensure that one invests in the right type of property and for that investors need to know the specifics of how to set the right criteria to guide wise real estate investment decision-making.

Financing real estate investments and paying for different real estate investments is very different from paying for other usual goods and products or services such as food and/or repair services.

This is because the method used by many can often mean the difference between failure and success in any  real estate investing business, thus it is important to know the different financing tools and avenues available to the average investor.

Often times, real estate capital has absolutely nothing to do with personal credit or financial history.

Knowing where and to whom to market certain properties as well as execute smart exit strategies appropriately in order to to maximize gains and minimize losses is also essential to successful investing strategies.

The above mentioned topics are only the beginning of the many subjects that a good real estate investor should be educated on to ensure a profitable and forward moving investment career.

Chad chiniquy is a real estate investment training teacher with 20+ years and over 100 million dollars of real estate investing

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