Dr. Rosemary’s Tea Therapy Offers Fenugreek Tea Which Provides A Unique Herbal Experience

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(Newswire.net — September 4, 2015) Naples, FL — According to the vendor Dr. Rosemary’s Tea Therapy, the tea blend is an organic mixture of comprehensive herbs that afford the drinker a flavorful and one of a kind experience. The herbal blend is made specifically to aid lactating mothers in producing more breast milk.

The herbal blend has a combination of fenugreek, anise, fennel and coriander. The first three ingredients are well known for assisting in the production of breast milk. These galactagogues in essence help in formulating an increase in breast milk while providing a vitamin rich source of nourishment for both mother and child.  Aside from giving babies and mothers vitamin rich nourishment the fenugreek tea is also filled with minerals and antioxidants.

The fenugreek tea blend affords a full spectrum of benefits for mother and child based off its tea therapy. Apart from the herbs mentioned previously the blend also contains orange peel, lemongrass and spearmint. These herbs provide an extra boost to the taste of the tea. It affords drinkers a flavourful and relaxing experience.

The tea therapy offers a variety of herbs to satisfy the drinker’s requirements. The fenugreek tea utilizes nutritive, nervine, carminative and demulcent herbs in a loose leaf herbal package. According to Dr. Rosemary’s Tea Therapy, these herbs apart from providing an increase in breast milk can also detoxify the body. The other herbal ingredients in the mix include caraway seed, red raspberry leaf and milk thistle.

According to Dr. Rosemary’s Tea Therapy, other benefits of the formulation include reducing gas and bloating in mother and child. The herbal blend also provides a smooth release of breastmilk that can cause anxiety relief and aid in nurturing colicky babies. Additionally the mother gets a chance to regulate the moisture in her system after a long day of feeding.

With the organic mixture of herbs, the formulation comes as a natural tea blend that can provide many benefits to the drinker. The fenugreek tea blend is gluten free and caffeine free. This affords tea drinkers a healthier and less acidic blend to consume.

According to Dr. Rosemary’s Tea Therapy, tea drinkers can expect a superior blend that is backed by alchemic science and the expertise of a master Herbal therapist. The maker, Dr. Rosemary, has spent years formulating a fenugreek tea blend that can be expected to be of the highest quality. Dr. Rosemary has been trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbal Therapy. Additionally the maker is a member of the American Pregnancy Association and prides themselves on delivering a standard requisite to that organization.

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