PC Expert Offers Cheaper Solution For a Faster Computer

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(Newswire.net — September 3, 2015) — Slow computers don’t always need to be replaced, says PC expert Nick Mitchell. Older computers often have trouble running new software and operating systems that were designed for faster processors, resulting in much slower PC performance overall.

“Most people get so fed up with slow performance, they just scrap the computer and buy a new one,” says Nick Mitchell, PC specialist at TuneUp Software Reviews. “But that isn’t always necessary. Many times there’s a much cheaper solution.”

Nick Mitchell is a specialist from the site, TuneUpSoftwareReviews.com, which tests and reviews PC cleanup and tuneup software. Mitchell and his partners have helped hundreds of PC owners optimize their computers for better and faster performance. In most cases, by recommending PC tuneup software that doesn’t require any technical skills to use. 

Before Buying a New Computer Consider The Options

“Many people try to cleanup or tuneup their old computer to make it run better,” says Mitchell, “while the idea is a good one, if they don’t really know how, they either do an incomplete job, or they make their computer worse.”

There are Do-It-Yourself methods to improve system performance, such as disk defragmentation, registry repair, and startup optimization, but some of these actions can have adverse effects. Knowing which tools to use and how to use them is often beyond the average personal computer owner’s capability. And most people don’t have the time or patience for it.

“Defragging is pretty easy, but registry repair can mess up software or permanently break it, in some cases. Also, there is a heck of a lot more to optimizing your PC than just defragging your disc and cleaning out your registry,” says Mitchell.

Computer Technicians Can Be Expensive

The next option is to pay a qualified technician to optimize your old computer for you. There are a few problems with this, states Mitchell. One is, they can get expensive. Two is, some technicians may not do a very thorough job.

Services like Best Buy’s Geek Squad and Staples’ Tech Support can run as high as $129 for a PC tuneup. Computer repair shops and online tech support services can range from $50-$150 depending on what level of service they will provide.

“And there’s also a privacy and security factor people don’t consider,” says Mitchell, “You don’t know these people. You don’t know what they’re looking at on your PC or what information they may be storing. I’m not saying they’re stealing anything, but when you give your computer over to someone like that, that’s a lot of your most valuable and personal information you’re handing over to a stranger.”

The $30 Solution That Could Save $300 

According to Mitchell, the cheapest and best option is to run PC tuneup software. He says the latest software includes all the pieces necessary to get the job done — and because they are part of a single software, there’s no concern about different tools conflicting with each other.

“Think about it this way,” says Mitchell, “for about $30, I can clean my computer as many times as I want, and I can do it easier, cheaper, and more thoroughly than I can to pay some technician to do it… once.”

When challenged on how PC tuneup software can be better at optimizing a computer than a human, Mitchell responded, “The thing is, most of these techs are just running some software to do the job anyway. Very seldom do they hand-delete registry keys or old files. That would take forever, and they wouldn’t be able to find every last bit of clutter anyway. You might as well buy your own software and let it do the hard work for you, and pocket the savings.”

If buying a new computer is not an option for you at this time, an inexpensive and thorough PC tuneup software might be the best way to go

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