Marianne Williamson Bestselling Author and Teacher

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( — September 7, 2015) —Spiritual counselor, bestselling author, teacher, self-help guru – Marianne Williamson is on a mission to do good for people. She has written eleven books on various aspects of spirituality. Six of her books became New York Times bestsellers; four have even topped the list. As a popular guest speaker at events and on television and in her own lectures and courses, she inspires people with her message of deep connections and spiritual power.

Her first book, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principle of A Course in Miracles, published by HarperCollins in 1992, was based on the teachings of the spiritual study program “A Course in Miracles” (ACIM). Marianne’s book was an instant bestseller and is considered one of the publications that brought the concept of New Age spirituality to American mainstream culture. A Return to Love was one of the first books publicly recommended by Oprah Winfrey.

Marianne, a native Texan born in 1952, studied philosophy and theater at Pomona College in California and pursued a career as a singer in New York City before returning home to Houston in the late 1970s. Always interested in spiritual matters, Marianne managed a bookstore in Houston that focused on metaphysical and spiritual publications. In 1987, she helped establish a support center for critically ill people in Los Angeles and went on to found Project Angel Food, a service delivering food to housebound patients with AIDS.

In 1990, Marianne welcomed her daughter, India Emmaline (Emma), who she raised as a single mother. She has always kept the identity of Emma’s father private, making a point of highlighting the strengths and challenges of single-parent families.

One important aspect of Marianne’s commitment to social causes is the Peace Alliance, a non-profit organization advocating the evolution of a culture of peace and the establishment of a new cabinet department, the Department of Peace. In addition, Marianne is currently serving on the Board of Directors of RESULTS, an organization working to alleviate and end poverty and hunger in the United States and the world.

As an advocate for peace and social justice, Marianne is the founder and organizer of the Sister Giant Conferences, a series of gatherings and workshops for women (and men) focusing on effective and meaningful strategies for social activism and political campaigns. Putting her strategies to the test, Marianne ran for Congress in California as an Independent in 2014 and placed fourth in the primary, making her philosophy of ethics and compassion a topic for political discourse in her district.

The self-help books written by Marianne Williamson offer spiritual guidance and support to millions of people around the world. In publications such as A Year of MiraclesA Course in Weight LossEveryday Grace and The Shadow Effect, Marianne explores personal spiritual development with a deeper connection even to everyday issues such as career decisions, relationship problems and struggles with health concerns or bad habits. She also offers weekly lectures and scheduled online workshops covering a variety of spiritual subjects.