Car Infant Mirror Granted 4.8 Star Rating On Amazon

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( — September 7, 2015) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS — In a recent press conference, Freddie and Sebbie co-director, Mr Neil Speight discussed how their car baby mirror had ended up being an immediate over-night success for American parents. He said: “Whether it’s the first born child or even the fourth, a caring mom will love each bundle of joy wholly and completely, and only wanting the very best for her child. Whether that means the best milk bottle or organic food, but what about circumstances parents have no control over? The times a youngster has to be out of their sight, even partially. Yes, I am talking about being in the car.”

He went on to explain the experience: “You, the mom, and even the father, are in the front seat, concentrating on driving. Your youngster is in the back, protected in their seat, rear facing. However you can’t see them when they’re sobbing, not while you are driving at the exact same time, and such a scenario could potentially be ailing your baby. The frustration of knowing your child is in discomfort or perhaps pain, and not having the ability to do anything about it, is perhaps the most powerless feeling in the world. That is where the baby automobile mirror comes in.”

According to the item description shown on Amazon, the product has 360 degree rotation, offering a full, adjustable view of rear-seated facing babies, while being really simple to install, with it being apt for most car models. Other benefits about the design, Speight said include: “It is additionally 100 % shatterproof, so it won’t be adding to the amount of breakables in a car. The extra-large convex mirror will supply a much wider view than other standard car child mirrors, it is totally youngster friendly, and includes a lifetime no-hassle item replacement guarantee.”

The child product boasts a nearly perfect 4.8 star rating on Amazon, with customers validating that the Freddie and Sebbie vehicle baby mirror is being used by moms and dads all over the United States. Their Amazon shop page hosts hundreds of favorable feedback testimonials from moms and dads who have actually talked about how this accessory has actually helped them to keep their youngsters rear-facing, a much safer option according to safety seat makers.

The company co-director concluded the press meeting by saying: “This backseat child vehicle mirror by Freddie and Sebbie is guaranteed to give all parents peace of mind since they can still see what their infant is up to while driving. Even if your child does get a hold of it that’s fine since it’s entirely child friendly and the glass is shatterproof. Your child’s security is our top concern!” More info about the Freddie and Sebbie child backseat mirror can be found on their unique Amazon store, with more business details discovered on their site,

The full specifications for their deluxe back seat mirror can be seen here:


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