New Yoga SocksFor Women Provide Comfortable Fit For Different Feet Dimensions

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( — September 12, 2015) Cape Girardeau, MO — According to NaturalsOnly, the yoga women socks are capable of adjusting its size to match the dimensions of the wearer’s feet. The socks in United Kingdom sizes can stretch to fit 2.0 to 7.5 inches in length. In the United States the sock size ranges from 4.5 to 10 inches.

The yoga socks for women also have crossover straps on the front that allow it to slip onto feet snugly. The straps are a convenient part of the design because they allow easy access to the front of the socks and provide an opening to allow wearers to be able to take off the socks easily.

The yoga socks for women are capable of providing a comfortable fit due to a variety of reasons. The socks are manufactured using soft cotton material. This makes the socks breathable and able to adjust for different sized feet. The material is also smooth and stretchable. This stretchy quality allows the socks to adapt to varying sizes and dimensions of feet

An Amazon top 500 reviewer, Simply Honest, gave a five star review of the product. They commented that the socks were high in quality and comfortable to wear. They stated, “These are the best Yoga socks I have ever owned. They are comfortable to wear and keep me from slipping while doing yoga. They have some type of grip on the bottom that allow me to keep balanced, and get into positions and stay put. They also have an elastic criss cross band across the top. This makes it easy to slip them on and they stay snug. They are super cute and I would recommend them if you are looking for high quality yoga socks.”

The non slip grip that was mentioned by the reviewer is a benefit of the yoga women socks that makes wearers able to have good balance and stability when doing exercises. The socks are suitable to be worn for different sporting activities whether indoor or outdoor. These exercises can include yoga or pilates. The yoga socks for women allow for a stable posture and firm positioning while carrying out workouts.

The yoga socks for women have the grips designed on the soles or bottoms of the socks in a swirl pattern. These swirls are fashioned in four spots at equal distance from each other. They remain slightly raised from the normal part of the sock material to give the wearer the best grip possible.

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