New Outdoor Blanket Praised By Users For Its Practicality

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( — September 11, 2015) Cape Girardeau, MO — Outdoor enthusiasts now have a new product to use for their outings and trips. This is because many customers have been giving credit to the outdoor blanket from NaturalsOnly for its practicality, high quality, usefulness and versatility.

The top portion of the outdoor blanket comes with a 100% soft fleece material that keeps users comfortable and warm. The blanket has a waterproof backing that provides protection against damp surfaces. This bottom section affords the user a chance to stay dry in settings containing wet grass or wet areas at the beach.

According to NaturalsOnly, the outdoor blanket has been designed with the users in mind by utilizing the highest quality material. One verified purchaser Evan Tubbs, who gave the product a five star rating mentioned the effectiveness of the large size of the outdoor blanket and how easy it was to carry. He commented, “This is the perfect outdoor picnic blanket! It folds up and fits in a nice little carrying case. It’s the perfect size in my opinion (4 x 5 feet). It has a soft top with a smooth bottom so it doesn’t pick up extra dirt. Along with the blanket are 4 stakes which you can use to keep it from moving. There are a total of 5 different colors you can choose from, I personally bought the Blue & White Pattern. Overall, love the blanket!”

The conveniently huge dimensions of the outdoor blanket have made it a hit with many customers since its release. Even though it is large, the outdoor blanket can fold into a small 12 inches size and be easily carried. Other benefits mentioned which make customers appreciate the product include the ease of storage, the four free pegs included in the package and the elegant design. Customers can either get blue and white, orange and red, or some other interesting color combination. 

Another five star reviewer Alicia stated, “This was perfect for Fourth of July weekend! We took it to the parade in the morning for something to sit on during the parade, and also used it in our backyard that night for the fireworks. This would be great for taking to the park or a sporting event as well so you do not have to just sit out on the grass or on a hot bench! It also rolls up easy for storage once you rinse off the stakes (they can get a bit muddy).”


The outdoor blanket can be easily cleaned if it gets dirty. This can be done by hand or using a washing machine. According to NaturalsOnly, the outdoor blanket can serve as a great gift for newlyweds or homeowners. If customers purchase two or more picnic blankets they should also receive free shipping.


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