Frank Weglarz on Zoned Heating and Cooling Systems

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( — September 10, 2015) — It can be difficult to heat or cool a house evenly, and Frank Weglarz is an expert when it comes to finding the right solution.  Frank is the owner and president of Action Air HVAC Construction, Inc., a high-end contractor located in the Chicago metro area.  “For difficult homes, zoned heating and cooling systems offer a great solution,” says Frank.  “These zoned systems are perfect for large homes or homes with multiple floors.”

Zoned heating and cooling systems work similarly to traditional HVAC systems in the home.  The main difference is that multiple thermostats are wired into the system instead of one, each one covering a different area or “zone” of the home.  When the individual thermostats detect high or low temperatures, based on the user settings, they actuate electrically-operated dampers to direct airflow to the rooms or zones that need it most.  “Imagine a house where one side of the building upstairs gets full summer sun,” Frank explains.  “With a zoned system, extra cooling air gets directed to that part of the house to help keep the temperature comfortable for the residents.”  Zones can be set to cover individual bedrooms or entire floors, depending on the needs of the homeowners and the layout of the house where the system is installed.  Frank’s expertise can help residential owners find the ideal setup to manage indoor temperatures.

Zoned systems may require additional initial investment, sometimes costing more than traditional heating and cooling systems. “Over the long term, these systems can save homeowners money,” Frank says.  “Heating or cooling parts of the home not being used wastes energy, and zoned systems can be set to prevent that.”  In studies by the United States Department of Energy, zoned heating and cooling systems can save up to 30 percent on a typical electricity bill.  “Those savings add up quickly, helping pay off the installation of zoned systems in just a few years,” adds Frank.  To learn more about Frank’s company, visit

For homeowners who have heating and cooling systems already installed, there may be options to retrofit components to the system, effectively creating a zoned HVAC system from a traditional setup.  These retrofits use the existing furnace and ductwork, requiring only the installation of electric or flex dampers and the electronic controllers and thermostats needed to operate the equipment.  “Retrofit zoned systems make sense for homeowners who don’t want the expense and hassle of a full-scale installation,” Frank concludes.  “These systems may not be quite as efficient as a new zoned installation, but the savings are very real.”

About Frank Weglarz:

After working in the commercial insurance industry as a salesman, Frank Weglarz returned to his real love – heating and cooling.  Frank and his wife Jessica established Action Air HVAC Construction, Inc., in 2003 in Highland Park, Illinois, a Chicago suburb.  The company’s outstanding reputation for quality and service has made them one of the premier HVAC contractors in the region.  In fact, Frank’s vast knowledge of heating and cooling has earned him the nickname “The HVAC Guy”.