Gardening Gloves by Monikas Marketplace as Gifts for Women

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( — September 12, 2015) Sanford, FL — The stylish and colorful gloves have been created especially for women, though only available in one size, they are said to fit most female hands comfortably with a narrow wrist. Having a pair of these gardening gloves eliminates the need to put on any old pair of gloves or work bare handed.

Since they are made of breathable nylon with nitrile coating in the palms, the gardening gloves are capable of protecting the hands while providing satisfactory gripping action. The special nylon, reduces sweat while the coating provides puncture resistance and control.

SkylersGGDeLena, a verified Amazon customer, said “I purchased these gloves to make Christmas baskets for hard to shop for women. The gloves have a soft feel to them. The palm side has a waterproof seal on them that goes to the top and over the finger tips. It makes it easier to get into the dirt. Easy to put on and even to wash.”

These gardening gloves may be appreciated due to the protection it provides and its stylish patterns as well as the fact that they are easy to clean. They can be washed with soap and water and simply hung out to dry.

The gardening gloves are available on Amazon, where it can be gift-wrapped and shipped. With each purchase, consumers will receive three pairs of gloves in different patterns so they can be split up or all given to one gardener. Monikas Marketplace also provides a full money-back guarantee.

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