Sumner Demo Sparks Interest in World’s Largest Crusher Bucket

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( — September 11, 2015) Reno, NV — MB America, Inc. and Barker Enterprises hosted a live demonstration of crushing and screening attachments for excavators and skid steers, on Aug. 28 and 29 in Sumner, Washington at Corliss Resources, Inc.

The demonstration featured the BF90 and BF60 crusher buckets for excavators, the S14 screening bucket for excavators and the MB-L160 crusher bucket for skid steers. Attendees watched the crusher buckets crush through hollow core walls, reinforced and normal concrete, river rock, natural stone and asphalt, and the screening bucket sift 2-inch minus river rocks. MB also had the largest bucket in the world, the BF150.10, was on display.

The displayed bucket garnered so much interest by attendees that it called for another demonstration from a few significant companies. This time, the largest bucket will be the only one featured.

The BF150.10 weighs over 23,000 pounds and is designed for excavators exceeding 154,000 pounds.  MB America, Inc. and Barker Enterprises will be working with Rhine Equipment to host a private showing of the BF150.10 through appointment only.

“We will be working closely with Rhine Equipment to showcase the BF150. It truly is a unique piece of technology!” said Max Ravazzolo, CEO of MB America.

MB’s attachments allow businesses to reuse the materials immediately at the job site and provide a greener option in recycling waste materials, which often sit for months before businesses can transport them to a crushing plant or to bring one in. The process can take weeks to get rid of waste and cost businesses thousands of dollars. With the crushing and screening attachments, businesses can save time and money to get the job done, while reducing waste and trucking.

MB offers crushing and screening attachments, grapples, universal quick couplings and iron separators for a wide scope of work that includes demolition and excavation, road work, quarries, mines, pipeline work and environmental reclamation projects.

For information, visit MB America’s website at, or contact the company at 855- 622-7874.


About MB America, Inc.

MB is the worldwide leader in producing and distributing equipment and accessories for the fields of earthmoving, demolition and recycling. MB America, Inc. is located in Reno, Nevada and is the American branch of MB S.p.A. MB S.p.A. was established in 2001 in Italy and sells to over 150 countries through its dealers and distribution networks.


About Barker Enterprises

Barker Enterprises was established by Lynn Barker in 1986 as a landscaping company. Over the years the company evolved into residential construction, site development, rock quarry sales and the manufacturing of specialty sand and soil products. Lynn’s wealth of knowledge in the construction and mining industry gives him a unique perspective on the unlimited applications of MB America’s products.



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