Dr. Rosemary’s Tea Therapy Releases Loose Leaf “Fenugreek Tea” For Nursing Mothers

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(Newswire.net — September 14, 2015) Naples, FL — The ingredients of the tea blend are natural and organic and are manufactured with the main ingredients of fenugreek, fennel, anise and coriander. The fenugreek tea is sold exclusively on the number one online shopping portal Amazon.

The herbal ingredients fenugreek, fennel and anise are known as galactagogues. These are substances that can assist in improving the production of breast milk in nursing mothers. The persons who drink the fenugreek tea blend can find themselves increasing the amount and quality of breast milk they produce. According to Dr. Rosemary’s Tea Therapy the herbal blend can also assist to detoxify the system. The tea blend is a good way to effect relaxation and replace vital nutrients to the body.

The ingredients contain a loose leaf blend of herbs that mix together to give a rich and wholesome tea therapy. Apart from the ingredients listed previously, the herbal blend also comprise of orange peel, lemongrass and spearmint. They assist in developing a delicious flavour to the fenugreek tea blend.

Additional ingredients in the herbal blend include organic milk thistle, organic red raspberry leaf and organic caraway seed. These leafed herbs add to the overall taste and effectiveness of the fenugreek tea blend.

This herbal blend is often times compared to fenugreek pills and milk supply supplements. According to Dr. Rosemary’s Tea Therapy, this fenugreek tea blend is superior to these products due to the fact that it is a comprehensive blend of herbs. Additionally the tea mixture allows a more natural and gentle way to efficiently aid mothers in increasing their breast milk supply.

The fenugreek tea blend affords numerous benefits to the drinker. Aside from being an organic way to assist in increasing breast milk the mixture reduces gas and bloating in the child that receives the breast milk. It also creates an anxiety relief for both mother and child. Fenugreek tea from Dr. Rosemary’s Tea Therapy is a good regulator of moisture in a mother’s body. Additionally it gives mothers extra energy after drinking and leaves them feeling less tired and stressed.

The finalized loose leaf herbal blend is also formulated to initiate a significant boost in vitamins minerals and antioxidants. This formulation makes the breast milk produced from the mother rich in nourishment and allows the mothers to replenish their own stores of nutrients. The producer of the fenugreek tea blend,  Dr. Rosemary, is a trained specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbal Therapy. Therefore, according to the company the blends done are expected to be of the highest quality.

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