FlavorFast Announces Release of Water Bottle Infusers That Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

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(Newswire.net — September 17, 2015) Kansas City, MO — The water bottle infusers promote healthy lifestyles by encouraging persons to include fruits, vegetables and herbs when they consume water. According to FlavorFast, this is due to the water bottle infusers’ ability to create a portable water bottle that makes naturally flavored water. The fruits, vegetables and herbs can be chopped in any combination users prefer and added to the water. They are placed in an infuser basket which sit in the middle portion of the main container. This then allows elements of nutritious food substances to percolate out and create a delicious flavored water.

The liquid consumed from the water bottle infusers helps to replace daily water loss and keep users hydrated. The body loses water constantly during the day whenever we use the bathroom, sweat and exhale or speak. Dehydration is prevented when users travel with this convenient water bottle to work or on daily errands.

Staying hydrated using the water bottle infusers provides for water loss in a human body that is made up of 70% water. It is much better keeping hydrated both for the mental and physical state of individuals. Water assists in the users’ circulation, makes them feel better, gets rid of toxins in the body and aids in preventing constipation.

Additionally, by consumers choosing water instead of beverages sweetened by sugar, they can more properly manage their weight. Individuals may even find themselves losing weight as they also save money normally used to purchase juices and sodas. The process of drinking water before meals using the water bottle infusers reduces the amount of food eaten and is important in persons trying to lose weight.

The combination of fruits, vegetables and herbs that users place in the infuser basket is a good way to not only flavor water but provide essential nutrients. These food substances are well known for providing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can give important nourishment to drinkers.

The purchasers can buy 3 water bottle infusers of SportyJ Products and they can receive 10% off their order total. Customers can access this discount by entering the code 42XVGLA4 at checkout.


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