New Water Bottle Infusers Become the Perfect Travel Companion for Users

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( — September 18, 2015) Kansas City, MO — The pair of bottles are BPA-Free containers that offer users the ability to make flavored water. They allow users the chance to travel with their water and carry it in a convenient container that does not leak.

According to FlavorFast, their water bottle infusers are proudly made in the USA and are BPA-Free plastic. Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a harmful chemical that is used by various manufacturers to line plastic bottles which may also cause damage to the brain especially in children. The plastic bottles are seen as superior to the more popular glass infuser bottles. This is because it is also made with Eastman Tritan material which makes it shatterproof and very durable.

FlavorFast’s water bottle infusers allow consumers to have their combination of fruits, vegetables and herbs infused into water they take while travelling. Users can get a thirst quenching, naturally flavored water that tastes best when the fruits, vegetables and herbs are allowed to sit and percolate overnight into the main container of the water bottle. There is an infuser basket that holds the food substances in and assists in preventing sediments from entering the water.

One verified purchaser Chrissy Malave commented, “I’ve always wanted to try an infuser water bottle but most I see are made of glass and having two kids and being clumsy myself I couldn’t see myself knowingly getting a glass bottle that would eventually break so when I saw this set of BPA-free plastic I had to jump on it. I love the fact that it comes in a set of two that is just amazing in itself. I love how it keeps all my fruit together and my water gets just the right amount of flavor from it.”

According to FlavorFast, their water bottle infusers are suitable for home, work, school, and taking to the gym or on vacation trips. The bottles feature finger grips which make them more comfortable to carry around. They also have a flip top lid that makes the container stay securely closed especially during travel. The water bottles are specially manufactured to be able to fit in a car cup holder.The bottle even has a convenient loop handle to fit to knapsacks and grappling hooks when hiking. The company states these features make the water bottle infusers a suitable hands-free traveling companion.

The water bottle infusers can be cleaned easily with soap and water. For the seasoned homeowner, they may choose to utilize the dishwasher to clean the water bottle. Additionally with each purchase, customers can get a free bonus ebook containing various flavored water recipes.

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