A Bug Free Mind Feedback Reviews Reveal Why Other Self Help Books Just Don’t Help

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(Newswire.net — September 15, 2015) Steyning, West Sussex — With countless books having been published over the years that focus on self-help and personal development, a number of self-proclaimed gurus with quite a strong following, have all claimed they know what the secret behind success is. Personal development system, A Bug Free Mind, was written by Andy Shaw, and so far has been very helpful to people from over 130 different nations, according to the countless reviews seen on their website. With so many reviews from those who have read the book, who are describing the book as like no other, maybe it’s not just another self-help book with false promises.

Aside from many simple comments from readers that this book is amazing and different from all others, there are many more that have included detailed reviews about how A Bug Free Mind has helped and changed their lives. A recently published comment reads: “A Bug Free Mind keeps it clear and simple. There are so-called gurus that promise change and success for as long as you follow their set of “rules”. Andy Shaw, however, made it clear, simple and practical. Without any complicated information, you can find ways on how to build your life and generate the wealth you’ve always only dreamed of.”

Another reader of A Bug Free Mind has praised its simplicity. They add: “Without making details complex, you will get straightforward advice that could reveal the “wrong lessons” you may have learned through life and those that we just thought was right because it was accepted as the norm. Furthermore, the reader said that if the information in the book was taught it schools, our world would be a better place.”

One reader has already begun to apply the lessons learned from A Bug Free Mind, and already managing to drive all negativity away, saying that positive thoughts immediately came to life, adding: “The book was very easy to relate to, so it was easy to apply in real life.” “A thought-provoking read,” another reader says, while confirming that A Bug Free Mind provides a sense of urgency to do things right straight away. They add: “Insightful and should be a reference book for others, the reader further praised Andy Shaw for being a gifted author.”

Finally, another reader has explained how he could have lost his wife and home, but through the lessons learned on how to clear one’s mind with Andy Shaw’s A Bug Free Mind, he was able to get through his financial struggles and family problems too. More information, reviews, and 5 free chapters can be found on the official website, abugfreemind.com


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