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( — September 15, 2015) Addison, TX — Glossophobia in today’s sales world is a true concern for ALL sales executives, affecting more than 80% of all professionals’ presentation/speaking—and even conversion rates! Whether sales executives are engaged in ongoing face-to-face meetings, weekly WebEx meetings, or sales calls conducted by phone, SalesPITCH DAY provides strategies to meet glossophobia and other presentation/conversion rate challenges.


SalesPITCH DAY is a one-day course featuring information on how to understand the psychology of speaking, improve body language, practice phone and WebEx skills, advance pitch, pace, and articulation, refine public speaking and platform skills, conquer the listenable rate-of-speech tactic, harness the power of non-verbal communication, and learn the power of non-verbal communication, as well as other high-level tips and tactical approaches.


SalesPITCH DAY also presents the opportunity to practice LIVE sales presentations via live sales phone calls and WebEx sessions, as well as in front of a LIVE audience of experienced professionals determined to help attendees refine and perfect sales pitch delivery.

After a short critique and review, attendees will deliver the final speech and receive the final grade from the panel of judges.

To assist in furthering presentation skills, attendees will take home a 16-page scorebook from each judge present at the SalesPITCHDAY critique that includes a solid foundation of information on which to build presentation skills further, and enhance current pitches and  future presentations.



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