Meet Naia Leigh, From Confusion To Greatness

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( — September 16, 2015) –Her genuine delight is to assist women to incorporate their most real and extended variation of themselves. Naia Leigh is a profound leader for women and aspires to bring back the wonderful power of feminine love and expression to the world. A certified Therapeutic Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Regression Therapist, and Group Facilitator. Traveling to Kauai Hawaii, working in the cutting-edge field of Energy Psychology. There, she co-developed an powerful method of healing that she now teaches named Boundless Modality.

Loving all sorts of adventure and also a taste for sushi. An amazing coach with a deep loving mind. Always on the journey to healing and helping women to feel empowered. Feminine leadership is important to Naia and unleashing hidden creative desires is something she helps many with. 

Her past was filled with struggles like homelessness, illness and anxiety. Breaking through all those lies and confusion she discovered her greatness. Naia declares that the world loves and needs the light of all women. Naia has a special gift to bring out the fire and creativity that many women repress because of past experiences and beliefs.

This inspiring life coach believes it is very important to know that you are worthy of attaining all your dreams. Her sessions result in self development and realizing one’s path if they don’t already know it. She teaches feminine leadership in those that come to her for healing and guidance. Very colorful and passionate about life and the fire of the women. Definitely not someone who walks in life with fear or complexes holding her back from anything.

Her method concentrates on her Boundless Modality Clearings that heal the underlying trigger of women’s challenges. Naia is an ambassador for showing women who to be honored, viewed and understood for who they are and the tremendous love they have to give to others. Boundless Modality is a technique that produces profound and very long sustained change by aligning all stages of awareness with what you wish.

Her training is for anybody who wants to take advantage of the Boundless Modality tools with regard to their own alignment, or would wish to develop themselves into a practitioner. Help gain access to and align the three levels of awareness. Also discover the underlying cause of an issue. All her services are boundless and Naia is pleased to become a source of assistance for women experiencing emotional problems. 

Naia uses dance to express her limitless beauty and confidence. She teaches something called Moon Fire Movement. Utilizing the feminine spirit in movement which is something that has been going on for centuries. This technique of speaking through dance can help express happiness and healing. Dancing in the beautiful glow of the moon and letting go the fire that is in every women through movement is a teaching Naia offers. 

Another interesting part of Naia’s services is the reawakening and release of negative emotional patterns. She believes with true self love the path can be cleared to transformation and discovery of untapped gifts. Showing women to feel worthy to receive love and all the pleasure that comes with that is a side effect of this method. Claiming one’s sensuality and connecting with a women’s natural cycles. Understanding the temple in a loving and powerful way.

With all these amazing talents it’s no wonder so many people have great things to say about Naia Leigh. Her journey is one of self development and all to share with others to empower them to reach peace and joy. She is able to see through others and perceptively understand what they may need to have more insight into their paths. Her clients lives are changed once they have a session with Naia Leigh.