Winters Home Services outlines Residential Water Heater Changes for Homeowners

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( — September 17, 2015) Cambridge, MA — Winters Home Services, an award-winning provider of plumbing, heating and cooling services to the greater Boston area, alerts consumers of new energy efficiency mandates on residential water heaters, which will ultimately affect the size and cost of these new systems.

Essentially residential gas, electric, and oil fired water heaters (that are sold in the U.S. market) manufactured after April 2015 must conform to the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) new energy efficient standards.

“The DOE, which is looking to further improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions, has set a new mandatory standard,” explained Tim Flynn, owner of Winters Home Services.

The new manufacturing standards create a number of challenges for homeowners:

Space constraints – The newly manufactured water heaters are not going to be the same dimensions as the current standard water heaters, but may be a couple of inches wider and/or taller. This is due to the extra insulation that will be required in order to make the unit even more energy efficient. In addition, some of the venting may be larger. Installation of a new water heater may create challenges for some homeowners who have space constraints, such as a small water heater closet.

More expensive – New design configuration and additional materials used during manufacturing (in particular, insulation) to make the units more energy efficient will ultimately drive up the cost of new water heaters.

Electronic ignition – It is anticipated that the new gas water heater models will require electronic ignition. That means that a homeowner who currently has a standing pilot, will have to hire an electrician to install an electrical outlet when they replace their water heater with one of new models.

“Homeowners need to be aware of these changes. Water heaters cost approximately $1800-2200, but will essentially double in cost and take up more space as well as require homeowners to put in a new electrical outlet,” explained Flynn.

This is a significant economical issue for consumers. Typically, the life span of a water heater is seven to 10 years. Consumers should be prepared and consider replacing an older water heater now, prior to the changes in water heater design.

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