SUN Pet Urine Remover Doubles as Effective Solution for Human Urine Removal

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( — September 22, 2015) Cottonwood Heights, UT — The solution has received a number of positive comments and high ratings from Amazon shoppers who used it for that purpose.

“I have two four year old boys, who, now that potty training is old hat, forget to aim! It is wonderful…..smells clean and clears up any proof of my bad aiming children,which is perfect timing with the holidays coming,” said Valerie Sue With Two, a verified Amazon reviewer.

With a number of shoppers making similar claims, the pet urine odor remover is considered as a high value item, saving time and money. Its ability to remove stains and odors is reinforced by a long lasting, pleasant smell. Additionally, it can be used on a number of surfaces, including hardwood, tiles, carpet and upholstery.

Babies and young children, who may not be properly toilet-trained, may pass urine on floors, carpeting or on furniture. Also, senior citizens who may be bed-ridden or suffer from incontinence, may pass urine on unlikely areas as well, resulting in unpleasant urine odors and stains. Household cleaners, which may consist of enzymes, may not be strong enough to deal with such odors and stains. However, the SUN dog and cat urine remover is made up of polymers, which bind the molecules in urine, effectively deactivating them and leaving treated areas with a pleasant smell.

“Our 11 year old always misses the bowl, and the floor starts to smell. Even after cleaning it, the smell sometimes lingers (stupid linoleum). But, I mix this into my floor cleaning solution, and it kills odors immediately,” said Sarah Penrose, another satisfied customer.

Homeowners who are seeking an effective dog and cat urine remover, as well as a urine odor remover for humans may consider the SUN product from Remove Urine. It is currently available on Amazon and comes with a money-back guarantee.

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