SuperiorMaker Creates Door Stop Sized for Standard Home and Office Doors

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( — September 21, 2015) Auckland, Auckland — Keeping office doors open promotes office cohesiveness and allows productivity. Regulating office doors with door stops also reduce the chance of being interrupted by others. Open home doors, allows free movement of children and when the hands are full. Keeping these doors open or closed as needed, however, could mean installing more expensive stops, especially in rooms affected by gusty winds.

The SuperiorMaker door stop is a more cost-effective way of organizing the opening or closing of doors, depending on the door clearance. Clearance allows free movement of the door as well as the free flow of air between rooms. Common home and office doors have a minimum clearance of half inch from the door’s edge to the finished floor.

SuperiorMaker’s door stops have been optimally sized to fit. The wedge-shaped design allows the low profile tip to be shoved under the door to stop it from swinging shut as it encounters the raised contour of the stop. They are made of tough and durable grade rubber and works on all surfaces, including carpet, wood, tile and concrete.

“These are brilliant… they do the job perfectly. We had problems with softer doorstops that kept slipping about, but these grip really well, and hold the door securely, even in the gusty breeze we get through our house. We use them on both wood and carpet and have had no problems with them,” said James Mclaughlin, a verified Amazon customer.

The rubber door stops are available on Amazon at a discounted price. It is available in packs of four so they can be used on several doors. SuperiorMaker offers a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee with all purchases, should customers be dissatisfied.

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