New Loofah Back Scrubber Set from SuperiorMaker Helps to Promote Healthy Looking Skin

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( — September 21, 2015) Auckland, Auckland — The product consists of three shower pouf loofahs, which are optimally hand-sized, and a double-sided loofah scrubber with handles for the back and body. The back and body scrubber also has a side that has the consistency of a soft washcloth for gentle cleaning. With the variety included, the set is considered ideal for people who may suffer from back acne, eczema or other skin conditions. Users can use the products to gently exfoliate the skin or for overall cleansing of the body while showering.

Dermatologists are among many professionals who recommend loofah sponges for skincare due to their ability to provide gentle yet effective exfoliation and skin cleansing. However, natural loofahs, which are made from a cucumber-like plant, have been found to harbor bacteria. The shower pouf loofahs from SuperiorMaker are made from a fast drying synthetic material which inhibits bacterial growth, while the loofah back scrubber towel has one side made of cotton, which is also fast drying, lessening the chance of bacterial growth.

Shoppers on Amazon have been expressing satisfaction with the new product from SuperiorMaker. Many have praised it for its ability to help them take care of their skin without causing irritation while others have expressed pleasure about the monetary value of the number of products received.

“I am very impressed with the overall quality of this product and would recommend this to anyone. Everyone should have one in their shower! [They] are great for quickly and easily taking care of the rest of our body,” said Wendy, a verified Amazon reviewer.

SuperiorMaker’s Loofah Back Scrubber set is currently available to online shoppers via Amazon. The product comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee. All customers also receive two free eBooks with their purchases.

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