Activ Life Announces Winner of Free Frisbee Contest Giveaway

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( — September 22, 2015) Beverly Hills, California — David Phillipson is this month’s winner of Activ Life’s Twitter free frisbee giveaway, the company announced today. By simply retweeting the Activ Flyer tweet to enter the contest, thousands of Twitter users entered to have a chance of winning a pair of Amazon’s hottest-selling new frisby rings.
The giveaway contest was first launched in the first week of September, which easily gained viral attention on Twitter and other social media sites. Prior to this, the Activ Flyer had already been getting massive attention on Amazon as an innovative new frisbee ring. Claiming to be the world’s easiest flyer to throw and catch, the Activ Flyer is marketed as the family choice. This is because it can be safely used by both kids and adults for many hours of outdoor fun.
A frisbee fan himself, giveaway winner Phillipson is excited to use his new Frisbee ring. “I haven’t introduced my family to any serious frisbee play yet, but with my new Activ Flyer on the way, we can certainly enjoy frisbee together now!” Philippson said.
Activ Flyer weighs only 35g, which is 80 percent lighter than the usual flying discs being marketed today. Because of this design, the frisbie ring easily became one of Amazon’s top selling item in the sports and outdoor category.
Although light, long-time frisbee players contend that it does not make a frisby game less fun in any way. With its aerodynamic features, the Activ Flyer flies straight and because of its light weight, it doesn’t hurt your fingers or hand to catch. The flying disc is also guaranteed to float on water, so there is less need to worry about brining it to oudoor spots like the lake or beach. It is an excellent pool toy and birthday gift as well.
With the giveaway recently concluding, other interested buyers of Activ Flyer can still purchase it at Amazon, where it is exclusively selling as of the moment here:

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