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( — September 22, 2015) Fort Smith, AR — Allergy nurse practitioner, Taesha Winford, of Renaissance Health & Wellness appeared on the KFSM ABC5 News’ Sunday Morning program September 20 to discuss fall allergy season and preventive measures people could take to alleviate the suffering.

Winford shared with program host Daren Bobb that temporary relief may be found in allergy pills and nasal sprays. But when that is not enough, long-term relief can be targeted through individualized treatments available in allergy clinics such as Renaissance Health & Wellness.

“The goal of allergy injections is to desensitize patients to whatever their trigger is so that their symptoms are greatly diminished,” said Winford. “One of the advantages to this approach is that the treatment is unique to the individual. We formulate injections just for them.”

At Renaissance Health & Wellness, a patient’s individual allergy triggers are determined before they leave their first visit. The process begins with a skin test that exposes the patient to small amounts of 48 allergens specific to the local area. These include pollen, weeds, molds, grasses and a few foods.

“Allergies are different from region to region,” said Winford. “People who have never suffered from them may move and develop them elsewhere or later in life.”

Treatments usually consist of one-to-two clinic visits a week to receive the individualized injections. It takes anywhere from a few months to two years to reach maximum effectiveness but symptom relief begins quickly.

“The best part is patients start to find they can decrease their over-the-counter medications if not completely stop them,” said Winford.

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