NaturalsOnly Releases New Water Bottle With Unique Loop Handle

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( — September 26, 2015) Cape Girardeau, MO — The product has a convenient loop handle that allows users to carry the container easily.

The loop handle is manufactured on the cover portion of the container. It is built to allow users to carry around the water bottle wherever they go. The user can hold the bottle with two fingers or secure to another item using a carabiner. Attaching a carabiner to the loop handle allows the container to be secured to a variety of places such as pants loops, travelling bags and even the carrier on a bicycle.

The possibility for attachments is useful for those who like to travel and people who are constantly busy. The loop handle also helps to facilitate sporting enthusiasts such as those who go to the gym and cyclists.

The water bottle is made from BPA-Free Tritan material which makes it an eco-friendly storage container. Additionally fluid contained in the bottle will not have harmful chemicals going into it. The Tritan material is a durable plastic that allows the water bottle to be sturdy and long lasting.This bottle is reusable and helps to save the amount of plastic bottles that may have otherwise been utilized by users carrying water or fluid regularly on their travels.

One verified purchaser Elizabeth Doyle commented, “This water bottle works great. It keeps my drink from spilling and is easy to use and drink out of. It’s easy to clean and does not have any odors. I will definitely be getting more of these.”

The cover can be screwed on securely to assist in preventing leaks from the water bottle. Thedurable material of the container is also a contributor to the water bottle being leak proof.

After the water bottle gets dirty from continued use, the cleanup can be done very easily. The user simply cleans the bottle by using soap and water. The container can also be cleansed by putting in the dishwasher on the top rack.


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