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( — September 24, 2015) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS — Official Freddie and Sebbie representative, Neil Speight, said during a recently held press meeting just why the waterproof picnic blanket had become so popular among American clients on their Amazon Marketplace store. He included: “Lots of people love the picnic blanket, and being on it every chance they get. The sights, smells, and sounds people enjoy can only be found while trekking, cycling, swimming, fishing, or during any other outdoor activity. But often or not, a quick break or rest is required, and the time for something soft to rest on calls, and that’s where the waterproof picnic blanket by Freddie and Sebbie is going to come in really useful indeed.”

According to the Amazon Marketplace description, the outdoor picnic blanket by Freddie and Sebbie is a luxury, large, water resistant blanket, that is perfect for many different outdoors settings. Neil added to the description by saying: “It is very large, and can accommodate several people for that outdoors picnic you have been planning. You can take the outdoor blanket to any setting. It’s ideal for picnics Creating A Bug Free Mind, sporting occasions, camping, hiking, at the beach, while taking a trip, on the patio in your garden or lawn, or at the park. Essentially, it’s perfect for any outdoor setting.”

Consumers on have been raving about this particular accessory provided by Freddie and Sebbie. Among the 100+ confirmed buyer reviews, Brian Koyamaon has actually said: “Super lightweight, yet strong and resilient (my 4 month old pup has actually tried to scratch and claw the blanket but hasn’t left a mark on the it yet). The bottom of the blanket is extremely water resistant. I used the blanket on a freshly watered lawn and was perfectly dry sitting on it. Easy to clean, larger than expected. Would definitely recommend purchasing.”

Another consumer has noted in their 5 star evaluation that the outdoors blanket by Freddie and Sebbie could be a perfect gift idea for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, a baby shower gift, wedding gift, or as Christmas and birthday presents. He additionally discusses that the blanket is stylish, yet resilient, and will certainly be sure to please anyone and everyone.

Mr Speight concluded the press conference, stating: “People love the trendy plaid design, and the soft, comfortable materials. This blanket is sure to be perfect for you or a loved one. However do not fret; there is a totally free no-hassle guarantee. If for any reason, you change your mind, you can return it with ease. Thousands of pleased clients have bought this amazing item and given it a 5-star rating, so why not check out what all the rave is about!” More information, outdoors blanket evaluations, delivery offers, and additional warranty details can be found at the Freddie and Sebbie store on Amazon, with more images discovered on their website at

The luxury outdoor blanket by Freddie and Sebbie is only sold on Amazon, where ratings of (happy) client product testimonials can be seen.



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