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( — September 27, 2015) Sanford, FL — The organizer can fit any sized drawer due to the detachable nature of the product. The office drawers organizer can be detached into five separate pieces. These sections can either be left as a whole to organize compartments completely or differentiated to allow for smaller spaces. The versatility of the product means that it is suited to fit any organization need the customer might have.

Drawers can be separated to fit the assorted office equipment and supplies including; staplers, staples, note papers, elastic bands, thumbtacks and paperclips in different ordered sections.

The office organizer drawers are meant to separate items of importance in different sections for easy finding and use afterwards. Users can organize their office space with the sturdy wire framed product. Office managers can get their drawer spaces looking more efficient.

In the home, the organizer works well as a baby drawers organizer. According to Caren’s Organizer, the product can be used to separate baby supplies and everyday items from clothes. It can fit children’s cabinet drawers and organize the items in a neat and orderly way.

Apart from being able to fit various spaces due to the different pieces and the capability of being used as an organizer in children’s bedroom drawers, this organizer comes in a variety of convenient sizes. The largest size is 12 X 6 X 2 inches and would work as storage compartments for kitchen, bathroom or office areas. The smallest size of 3 X 8.75 X 2 inches is a convenient value size for tinier spaces.

According to Caren’s Organizers, the organizer can even be used as a storage space in the garage or to organize make-up.

The office drawer organizers are available for purchase on the large shopping portal Amazon at competitive prices.

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