Bodi Hut Launched New Portable Pedicure Electric Callus Remover Device

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( — September 24, 2015) St. Saviours, St. Saviours — The device, called the Bodi Sole Portable Pedicure– an electric callus remover device, is suitable for removing dead skin cells and other unsightly conditions which may result in foot infections or discomfort.

Foot care is considered to be very important to overall health. With the feet having to come in contact with various surfaces daily, including the lining of footwear, they can become calloused and flaky, in addition to having a rough overall texture. If left untreated, these conditions can become painful overtime, especially in the presence of tight shoes or when the feet come into contact with rough surfaces.

Caring for the feet involves a range of activities, which are often carried out by a pedicurist or other health and beauty professional. They include foot massages, soaks, scrubbing and cutting the nails. The Portable PedicureElectric Callus Remover tool from Bodi Hut helps to fulfill one of the main aspects of foot care by eliminating the presence of hardened patches, providing gentle exfoliation and maintaining the softness and smoothness of the feet. Additionally, it can be used anywhere at the user’s convenience and is powered by two AA batteries.

Having been launched on Amazon with free Duracell batteries, the device has quickly become a favorite for several users who were pleased with the results. “I bought this for my husband and it works really well on his very dry feet! It is not labor intensive, all you do is easily put pressure on it to sand the dry areas or hard, calloused parts away. It is a great piece for those of us who can’t make it for a pedicure often enough. Highly recommend this product,” said Jennifer Mrozienski, a verified Amazon shopper.

The Bodi Sole Portable Pedicure Electric Callus Remover  is available to Amazon shoppers exclusively, at a special introductory price.

About Bodi Sole

This Bodi Sole Electric Pedicure Foot File removes callus effectively and only requires minimum effort. Commonly compared to PedEgg, Dr Sholl or a Pumice Stone, but our foot care callus remover set is unique and stands above other pedicure tools due to the remarkable results in a short period of time. No need to spend time and money at your local salon for ongoing foot spa treatments. FREE Duracell batteries to operate this callus remover tool.

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