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( — September 28, 2015) Huntington Beach, CA — Announcing the launch of, the premier source for information and tips on Smart Home trends, as well as product reviews that highlight cutting edge technology created by industry-leading brands you know and love, such as Apple, Belkin, ADT and many more.

Smarter Home Automation was created by one of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic technology experts in the Smart Home biz. Art Feierman has been in-the-know since the early days of the internet, and started his first dot com in 1995…way before the big names like Amazon, Google, and Yahoo were even a thought.

Feierman says, “Home Automation is about to go mainstream – in a big way. Old school home automation has been around decades, but has been way too expensive for the the 99%. The alternatives, until recently, have been complicated DIY gear, with names like Z-Wave, Zigbee, X10, Insteon and DMX. That’s all about to change. Today’s Smart Home is about to become easy to control, thanks to the entrance of players like Apple with their HomeKit and recent new AppleTV launch. Other players wanting a slice of the fast growing pie include Google and Amazon, including their Echo product, and ‘Internet of Things’ players, such as Cisco, Intel, and Samsung.”

From the moment you land on SmarterHome’s front page, you instantly get the feeling that you are talking not only to one of the leading experts in the field, but to your friend. Feierman makes learning about Smart Home technology fun, conversational, and entertaining. The user-friendly website is loaded with useful information, and is presented in a way that even the most non-tech-savvy reader can understand and relate to.

Art Feierman understands technological trends and shares valuable information with his readers, stating, “If I have to make only one prediction about the ‘Internet of Things’ and the Smart Home, it is that Apple will do IT again. Apple has the opportunity to revolutionize another industry and take it mainstream, as they have done for music players, tablets, smart phones, even the PC and desktop publishing. I expect that Apple, with HomeKit, AppleTV, and Siri, will be a game changer. With several hundred million loyal users in Apple’s ecosystem, they will be able to jumpstart home automation like no one else can. Apple fans trust Apple to make things work easily and well. That’s huge.”

Not only does this website grant you access to the latest Smart Home technology information, but it also gives you a first-hand look at how to install, implement, and enjoy using the latest technology in real time, as the Feirerman family transforms their “normal” home into a Smart Home.

About: is the brain-child of experienced technological expert and web developer, Art Feierman. With his years of experience, starting at the birth of the internet, Feierman shares his honest Smart Home product reviews and endless knowledge with consumers so that they may make intelligent and educated purchases. The Smart Home Just Got Smarter…Thanks to

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