Everyday California Celebrates Five Years in Business

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(Newswire.net — September 29, 2015) San Diego, California –Everyday California, a La Jolla-based lifestyle company specializing in ocean adventures and premium California-sourced apparel, is marking its fifth year in business. Now, in a 1,600-square-foot retail space, with a strong adventure service offering, a global apparel business, and a new juice bar in the works, the company celebrates more than 1,000 percent revenue growth since first year in operations.


San Diego entrepreneurs Christopher Lynch and Michael Samer launched the company in 2010, purchasing a then-small water sports operation in La Jolla, Calif. Nearly two years after opening their first retail location as OEX Dive & Kayak, the managing partners rebranded the company as Everyday California. In addition to the new name and retail location, Lynch and Samer expanded the ocean adventure offering and launched a California-sourced premium apparel line.


To-date, the company has achieved triple digit growth since 2010. Some of the most notable accomplishments and milestones over the past five years include:

  • 2010: Samer and Lynch take over ownership of OEX Dive & Kayak, operating with four employees out of a pickup truck
  • 2011: Founders open a 582-square-foot retail location in La Jolla Shores, Calif.; launch apparel line with one men’s and one women’s t-shirt offering, sold at retail location
  • 2012: Company is rebranded as Everyday California and Brutus is born; founders open a call center in Bird Rock; expand apparel line by adding hats and towels
  • 2013: Everyday California launches an e-commerce store; begins to sell apparel through company site; opens second retail location, with office space; total of 40 employees by end of year
  • 2014: Everyday California moves to new 1,600-square-foot retail location in the heart of La Jolla Shores; employs 60 people by the end of the year; offers guided kayak tours to more than 40,000 people throughout the year
  • 2014: Everyday California partners with Coastal, Ltd. to grow the brand internationally through licensing and brand extension opportunities
  • May 2015: Cherokee Global Brands (CHKE) acquires Everyday California apparel brand for global licensing opportunities; with deal brokered by Coastal, Ltd.; Samer and Lynch retain ownership of flagship stores and e-commerce site; construction initiates for new 2,300-square-foot retail location, which will be home to Woholle Juice Box, a nutritionist-driven juice bar
  • June 2015-Aug. 2015: Cherokee Global Brands enter into licensing agreements with NTD Apparel and 5 Horizons Group on behalf of Everyday California to grow the business globally

“Chris and I had known each other for years prior to launching the business,” said Michael Samer, co-founder and managing partner at Everyday California. “From the beginning, we both saw the immense potential in creating an authentic California lifestyle brand and building a company around the initial sports offering. We look forward to growing the apparel business internationally, thanks to our partnership with Cherokee Global Brands, and continuing to extend our brand.”


To keep up with the demand and further build on the California lifestyle vision, Everyday California will be opening another retail location early 2016, directly across from its flagship store in La Jolla Shores. In addition to offering core adventure services and a greater apparel line, the location will be home to a new juice bar, Woholle Juice Box.


“We’ve been fortunate to see Everyday California evolve in such a short time,” said Christopher Lynch, co-founder and managing partner at Everyday California. “From memorable adventures on one of the best coastlines in the world to premium quality apparel, we truly live and offer a piece of California every day. And now, with our new juice bar, we’ll be further extending the healthy lifestyle offering for a complete guest experience.”

As part of the year-long celebration, Everyday California will be hosting a major beach cleanup this November. More than 250 people attended last year’s cleanup and the team expects an even bigger outcome this year. For more information about Everyday California, visit www.everydaycalifornia.com


About Everyday California

Based in La Jolla, Calif., Everyday California is a lifestyle company, offering ocean adventures and premium, California-inspired apparel. Operated by managing partners Christopher Lynch and Michael Samer, the company specializes in guided kayak tours of the La Jolla Ecological reserve and offers surfboard, paddleboard, kayak and snorkel rentals. Everyday California’s apparel line includes fine quality womenswear and menswear, sold at its core retail stores in La Jolla, online and in select locations throughout California. From surf to ski, Everyday California embodies the California spirit and celebrates living life to the fullest. For more information, visit www.everydaycalifornia.com.

About Everyday California

We’re Everyday California and we want you to share our passion and live the California Dream. Passionate watermen are the core of our comapny, providing safe and increadibly fun La Jolla kayak tours and snorkeling adventures are one of the most unique coastlines in all of California. The abundant marine life including sea lions, Garibaldi fish, harmless leopard sharks, dolphins and even whales are another part of what makes our tours so fun. Spend the day with us and you’ll see why kayaking the La Jolla Sea Caves and Ecological Reserve is one of the largest tourist attractions in San Diego and a must-have experience!

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