Diet and Self-Development Program Crowned as Influential to Mental Health

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( — September 29, 2015) Steyning, West Sussex — Scientists have recently found that in Western countries, a rise in population obesity and a rise in reported cases of depression may not be entirely unrelated. In one study of over 15,000 participants for example, lead researcher Almundena Sanchez-Villegas found that a diet of Omega-3 fatty acids, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and a moderate alcohol intake were definitely more sought after for a more positive lifestyle. 

As a self-development expert, Andy Shaw, author of the ‘Bug Free Mind’ series, couldn’t agree more with these results. “Everybody knows that the right nutrients and vitamins are crucial to physical health, but people don’t seem to realise that diet can have such a large impact on our mental health too. In fact, I’ve noticed in general that people tend to put their mental health to the back of their minds, which is why I’ve dedicated my working life to eradicate this habit from the population completely!”

Andy Shaw’s ‘A Bug Free Mind’ series is a collection of videos and chapters to aid anyone in their journey to mental serenity and happiness. Created specifically for the working adult, Shaw’s self-development method is broken down into bite-size sections, designed to fit around even the busiest of lives. “My work doesn’t force you to forget about certain things that have happened in your life, and it definitely doesn’t force you to live inside this magical dream-world that some self-development authors expect you to do. It just focuses on getting back to simplicity, and removing certain bugs from your mind that make you feel unhappy. If your mind was a computer, this programme would remove the viruses in order for you to run a lot smoother and happier, so just like you should be. ‘A Bug Free Mind’ isn’t just an intense crash-course on self-appreciation, it’s a small part of life, like a healthy diet, that just helps to get you back on your feet when you need that extra support.”

Each and every single one of Andy Shaw’s chapters has received fantastic feedback from over 130 nationalities, including one Amazon reviewer who stated: “Clarity would be the word that best describes the shift I’ve felt.  Maybe you’re familiar with the sudden dawning of understanding that occurs when a different way of explaining an idea you’ve read somewhere else seems to click when before it didn’t really.  I’m much more aware and more often conscious of what’s happening in my head. I don’t necessarily have less negative self talk, but now I more often catch myself getting into one of those vortexes when thinking runs wild and more easily stop it.”

Andy Shaw’s first five chapters are free to sample on his website,, where scores of a bug free mind reviews reveal how this personal development system has helped success seekers from over 130 countries throughout the world.

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