FlavorFast Launches Water Bottle Infusers On Amazon

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(Newswire.net — September 29, 2015) Kansas City, MO — Many health professionals state that adding fruits, vegetables, and herbs to water helps to better stay hydrated, removes toxins from the body and assists in giving strength to the immune system. The water bottle infuser can be useful for all these purposes or it can act as a normal water bottle.

FlavorFast water bottle infusers come in a pack of two which both include an infuser basket. This infuser basket is removable and used to place chopped fruits, vegetables and herbs. However, it does not leave sediments in the water.

The infuser basket acts like a strainer and allows elements from the food substances to percolate out into the water to produce a flavored water. In order to produce this mixture, the user does not need to squeeze or blend the food before placing it in the container. The best results are attained by allowing the contents in the infuser basket to sit in the water overnight.

The water bottle infusers are also a leak proof container. They sport a flip top lid and keep contents inside and safe from spilling. The container that comprises the FlavorFast Water Bottle Infusers are also very durable. They are scratch resistant and shatterproof. This is because the water bottle is made from Eastman Tritan Plastic that usually makes sturdy containers. According to FlavorFast, this fact makes the water bottle infuser more durable than many of the other similar water bottles on the market.

The water bottle infusers are made to store a large capacity of water, up to 22 ounces. This allows users to keep a good quantity of water with them for their travels, for home or for work. When users go on the road they will still have a significant amount of water remaining throughout the day to keep them satisfied.

The water bottle infusers allow the users to easily get to their daily recommended amount of water. Users get to stay hydrated and while drinking their favorite flavor of water become healthier.

Some users have praised the fact that there is a reduced dependence on sugary drinks and juices. One five star reviewer on Amazon commented, “These fruit infusers are awesome and easy to use. Since you receive 2 bottles, you can always have an extra drink handy. I got these to use for the kids in substitution of sugary drinks and kool aid. Since the drink will only contain small amounts of natural sugar from the fruit, I feel that this is an excellent alternative to store bought juices and drink mixes.”

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