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(Newswire.net — September 30, 2015) Grapevine, TEXAS –An expert on-site and remote support company, SS Tech Services now provides top-notch flexible computer services for Dallas-Fort Worth customers. State-of-the-art desktop, hardware, and mobile support is provided from reliable and skilled technicians. The company can meet the requirements of any customer. In addition, remote help desk support is available so issues can be resolved quickly through high-quality personalized service.

These computer services meet the needs of any client in any environment. All versions of Windows XP, Vista, and 7 are supported while the company can provide assistance with Windows 98, 2000, and Windows 8. In addition, SS Tech Services can handle multiple brands of laptops, including Windows, Apple, Linux, and Dell.

Extensively trained personnel adhere to a strict set of procedures and security policies. This enables them to ensure the best in flexible computer services. They can even work with different types of printers plus other hardware such as firewalls, access points, routers, and switches.

Shelby Staffel, SS Tech Services’ IT Services Director, said, “Individual customers benefit from our flexible computer services because we provide them with the help needed for their businesses to run efficiently. Top-of-the-line technology, equipment, training, and security also make our services the most dependable in the world.”

SS Tech Services also takes managing network availability very seriously. It can provide environmental monitoring and keep track of important metrics to make sure customers’ networks are kept safe and operational. The ability to service any network in any configuration benefits companies as they grow. Technicians can help scale resources according to the clients’ goals and requirements.

Technical support is available when needed. That includes remote support via an Internet connection, or on-site service scheduled on an hourly basis. Service is also available after hours and on weekends. Fast tech support is standard with the flexible computer services provided by the company.

For more information flexible computer services and SS Tech Services in general, go to http://www.sstechservices.com/.

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SS Tech Services is the one to call for IT Support in the Dallas/Fort worth area. Whether it’s a desktop problem, a server issue, or a security risk, we have the experience and expertise to diagnose the problem and prescribe a long-term, cost-effective solution.

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