New Fruit Water Infuser Launched Keeps Users Well Hydrated

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( — October 1, 2015) San Jose, CA — A new product calledGO Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser has been launched on the Amazon shopping portal by the vendor Santa Barbara Specialties. This fruit water infuser provides liquid for drinkers that can assist in keeping well hydrated. The product is available on Amazon at a competitive price.

The fruit water infuser is made available to customers in two different colors; either blue or grey. This allows the user to choose their favorite color or shade depending on the situation that they decide to use the water bottle. The container can hold up to twenty five ounces of liquid. This is sufficient to keep users well hydrated throughout the day. The middle portion which is separated by an infuser runs almost the entire length of the water bottle.

In order to keep hydrated, the user of the fruit water infuser can create various fruit flavored drinks to take with them wherever they go. Initially the water bottle is filled with clean water. Then the infuser section is filled with different fruits that have been sliced and chopped. This infuser is then placed within the center of the container and it will seep out its elements to provide a drink filled with nutrients.

The fruit water infuser can provide nourishment filled water that is suitable for those trying to balance their bodily fluids. The water bottle gives sufficient nutrition to hydrate the body of the user.

Apart from being able to keep users hydrated, the fruit water infuser is manufactured from a sturdy Tritan plastic. The material is very durable and capable of keeping intact despite falls. The water bottle is shatter-proof and scratch resistant. This allows the container to be able to withstand various environments over a long period of time. The bottle is also leak proof. This is possible due to both the durability of the container and how securely the cover stays on the container once it is screwed on.

The fruit water infuser is manufactured to be BPA-Free. According to Santa Barbara Specialties, the absence of BPA in the plastic material makes the bottle much different from other similar products on the market. This allows the drinkers the ability to consume fruit flavored water without having to worry about dangerous chemicals leaching into the fluid.

The containers of the fruit water infuser are simple to clean. The user just rinses out the container with soap and warm water. Alternatively the bottle can be cleaned by placing in the dishwasher on the top rack.

If the customer purchases three or more products at the same time they can access free shipping. Customers can also access special offers if they buy two fruit water infuser bottles. 

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