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( — October 1, 2015) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS — With today’s buying experience being so digital, comes a few unforeseen changes in the patterns of consumerism. While physical shopping enables purchasers to touch, feel and even try on the products they intend spending their hard-earned money on, the online buying experience has forced customers to make their decisions based upon images alone.

Nevertheless, getting a true feel for an online item has actually been exposed to be the largest sway-factor when it comes to buying online, one of the reasons why Nevada based kids-line brand Freddie and Sebbie has now dedicated their YouTube channel to video tours and reviews about their items.

Freddie and Sebbie is a company that has been specializing in producing accessories over the last three years to help parents with young children or babies. They have produced accessories from stroller clips and organizers, to car bins and window shades, while always committing themselves to offering consumers simple, top-quality items that will make a world of difference to everyday life.

“Buying online is so simple and practical, but it’s so easy to purchase the incorrect item, simply due to the fact that you are unable to physically touch it or try it out,” exclaimed co-founder of Freddie and Sebbie, Neil Speight. He also said: “We do encourage all our purchasers to leave sincere evaluations, not only so we can mold our items to perfection through real life customer experiences, however so other clients understand precisely what they’re purchasing before they buy it!”

Whilst their Amazon storefront has gotten thousands of 4 and 5 star written evaluations, Freddie and Sebbie’s brand-new YouTube channel enables clients to get a real feel of each and every product, through perfectly-crafted videos that display every aspect of their accessories. To conclude the press conference, Neil said: “We just wanted everybody to get as much of a feel for our items as they would in reality. Images are great, but online evaluations and online videos simply make such a difference in the realities of online shopping. We now provide our prospective buyers the chance to take a look at countless real-life consumer reviews, and an extension of our product pages through our YouTube channel making sure that each and every client purchases precisely the right item for them.”

Freddie and Sebbie’s whole range arrives packaged with a life-time no-quibble money back warranty, and can be viewed on either their Amazon Marketplace shop, or on their personal website, at, with scores of video item reviews that can be seen on their YouTube channel, backing the total variety of household accessories.

More information about the insulated sports water bottle and the Freddie and Sebbie extra large cool bag can be discovered on the Freddie and Sebbie main website,




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