DermaSafe Announces Biotin 5000 PLUS

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( — October 5, 2015) Winnetka, Il — DermaSafe is proud to announce the launch of the company’s new hair growth formula, Biotin 5000 PLUS, designed to offer healthy hair, strong nails and nourished skin.

Owing to the current lifestyle, lack of nutrition a number of people suffer from hair fall, under nourished skin and brittle nails. To resolve the same, DermaSafe has taken the step of creating an amazing formulation made with the highest quality ingredients, designed not only to aid in blood circulation and cell regeneration for smoother, softer skin and stronger nails but support proper follicular function as well.

Biotin 5000 PLUS is formulated to promote cellular energy boost for the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints which significantly increases the metabolism and stamina.

With regular use of Biotin 5000 PLUS, users can maintain their youthful look along with a better health. Apart from this, Biotin 5000 PLUS also refreshes and revitalizes the skin, prevents nails from splitting and breaking as well as strengthens the hair. At the same time, this formulation by DermaSafe increases body’s metabolism so it can effectively aid in weight loss and prevent the skin from any damages due to harmful rays of the sun.

With its primary ingredient being biotin, known to process all kinds of food whether fat, protein or carbohydrates, the formula is great for increasing metabolism.

Biotin 5000 PLUS also comes with collagen which is essential in keeping the skin, teeth, bones and blood vessels at optimum health. It certainly helps in replenishing the body’s natural collagen which decreases with age.

Biotin 5000 PLUS is made by DermaSafe, a skin care brand known to manufacture high quality products designed to help people live a healthier and more beautiful life. They are simply passionate when it comes to skin care and help their clients by delivering the highest quality of rich ingredients combined with the latest developments in effective science.  

On that note, DermaSafe is proud for the release of their newest product, Biotin 5000 PLUS that is sure to offer their esteemed clients with optimum skin, hair and nail care, not to mention metabolism and weight loss. With this new formulation now available in Amazon, it is very easy and convenient for customers to get a hold of this amazing DermaSafe product.


To learn more about Biotin 5000 PLUS, please visit the link at Amazon Here.  For inquiries, please email at or visit Facebook page

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