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( — October 6, 2015) Las Vegas, NV — (The following is an actual message written by a client of Attorney Mace Yampolsky). The last year and a half have not been great for me.  They were, in fact, the worst I’ve seen- period.  I had significant issues both personally and professionally.  The issues I faced were not the norm for me and I made a mistake.  It all came to a head one day and I succumbed to the stress, as many of us do at times.  I found myself in a bad situation that I made worse.  I needed someone to represent me in a DUI case.  This had never happened to me before, I was at an age where it shouldn’t be happening now, and the embarrassment as well as frustration with myself was significant.
I was lucky enough to have a good friend that recommended Las Vegas DUI attorney, Mace Yampolsky.  On my first visit to his office Mace treated me with the utmost respect and understanding.  I wasn’t just another case for him, but a person that needed a thoughtful, experienced professional to help him through a complicated situation.
Mace took the time to clearly explain what I was facing, what would happen during this process, and what I could expect.  He was honest, didn’t sugarcoat anything, but also quickly identified the issues and exactly where we would concentrate our efforts.  As you might expect I had a number of questions and Mace was always responsive, clear, and approachable.  While I’m sure he is inundated with constant questions from many clients he was quick to respond every time I reached out to him.
Long story short my blood alcohol was over the legal limit and the final disposition Mace negotiated was a non-DUI decision.  So as I bring this short story to a close, there is no DUI on my record, life is regaining a semblance of normality, and Mace Yampolsky helped me through a particularly difficult stretch in my life.
If you find yourself in a situation similar to mine, please do yourself a favor: Call Las Vegas DUI lawyer, Mace Yampolsky.


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