Ultimate Water Infuser Bottle Receives Number One new Release Badge on Amazon

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(Newswire.net — October 9, 2015) Beaverton, OR — Made from lightweight Eastman Tritan plastic, the infusing bottle comes in a 32oz size that is 100 percent BPA free. BPA is a harmful chemical that may leech into food or drink that is stored in a container that has it. The bottle has a leak proof lid to help prevent spillage and accidents and is also described as being durable and lightweight.  A representative of Ezisoul had this to say about the ultimate water infuser bottle, “Made from impact and scratch resistant Eastman Tritan plastic, our infusing bottle is ideal as a fruit infusion sport or travel water bottle. It’s a great tool to help you cleanse and detoxify your body.”

Customers have also been praising the infusing bottle stating that it is the best bottle they have used. Here is what sunshine1221 had to say in her Amazon review after using the ultimate water infuser bottle. “I own [a] few water infusers and let me tell you that this one right here is by far the best, best one that I have seen or own. I love and appreciated the fact that it’s 32oz. Ezisoul Ultimate Water Infuser is perfect now let me tell you the great things about this infuser bottle. It’s 100% BPA free, the lid is leak proof and have an extra securement to prevent any accident. The bottle even though is 32oz is very light and is scratch resistant plastic. There’re so many great ways to use your Ezisoul water infuser. It works better when you leave your fruits overnight. I highly recommend this water infuser is the best one that I have seen so far.”

The Ultimate Water Infusing Bottle by Ezisoul is available on Amazon and comes with a free beginners guide eBook upon purchase.

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