Car Shade For Babies Protect Toddlers From Sun Glare

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( — October 12, 2015) Sanford, FL — Children tend to do activities in the backs of cars such as read books and play games but may be hindered by the glare of the sun. The car shade for babies is capable of keeping out extra sunlight from the inside of cars.

Toddlers would now be able to travel and stay at peace in the back of cars without getting frustrated. The glare coming into the interior of cars would be decreased hence reducing the glare on such things as books or electronical devices when watching movies. Of great importance, they won’t get too bothered and cause a distraction to parents driving the car.

In addition to reducing sun glare, the car shade for babies is capable of blocking up to 97% of dangerous UV rays. According to Monikas Marketplace, this is considered more than the regular UV sun protection that other similar products on the market offer. The Baby Sun Shade also has a size of 18 X 15 inches which is larger in dimension than the standard window mesh. This allows it to cover most of the back seat window and provide maximum coverage for infants.

The car shade for babies is also aided in blocking sunlight by the darker tint of the mesh material. The Baby Sun Shade allows less glare and heat to get through the car windows and into the interior of the car. According to Monikas Marketplace, this makes it far superior to other products being sold for UV protection.

Aside from being a good way to keep the sun and glare from toddlers, the car shade for babies is capable of protecting adults also.

One verified purchaser on Amazon was ecstatic that the car shade for babies could also work on tinted windows. The person commented, “Great things about these you don’t have to mess with suction cups not sticking all the time. This is the first time I’ve heard of static electric pressure to keep your baby sun shades up. I wondered if it’d work on tinted car windows as mine are tinted. Happy to say it works just fine, clings on to the window.”

The car shade for babies has many benefits that make it a good buy for customers on Amazon. According to Monikas Marketplace, it can simply attach to windows by static electricity. The user just wipes the window clean and rolls the shade onto the window without need for suction cups.

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