Monikas Marketplace Releases Car Shade for Babies That Easily Attach To Windows

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( — October 14, 2015) Sanford, FL — The car shade for babies blocks harmful UV rays from the interior of cars, but what sets this car shade apart from others is that it uses static electricity and no suction cups like standard car shades.

The Baby Sun Shade easily to attach to the windows of cars. The user of the car shade for babies simply cleans the car window with a damp cloth, then later pushes the car shade unto the window while utilizing the same cloth to reduce any possible air bubbles. The car shade for babies attaches by static electricity and stays on more securely the hotter it gets.

The user does not have to use suction cups to attach the window mesh as with some other similar products. Additionally the window mesh has a darker tint to allow for better protection against the sun. Even though it is better in shade quality it also allows users the ability to view outside the window to the surrounding scenery.

The problem with suction cups is that they can fall off easily, get lost and kids even put them in their mouth. This problem is solved with the fact that these sun shades stick with static electricity. In fact, the hotter it gets, the better they stick!

“We know that many users of baby car shades shared frustrations about suction cups. Therefore when we created this car shade for babies we wanted to make sure it was suction cup free! Our sun shade attaches with the use of static electricity, which means there are no additional parts.” Said Rose, a company representative.

The car shade for babies is an essential tool to give protection from the sunlight for babies. According to the company, the car shade for babies is capable of blocking upwards of 97% of harmful UV light. This is an amount that is far superior to the regular car mesh for windows that other merchants offer.

One five star reviewer on Amazon loved that it could be used to protect harsh sunlight from pets and that it was easy to install and store away. Neal Myers stated, “Perfect for keeping my dog cooler in the car! Also great when the grandkids come to visit! Very easy to install and stow away.”

Another reviewer, Diana Olaya remarked, “Loved these!!! I have two kiddos and I put one on each side to protect my kiddos from the California heat. Love these and great price too!!”

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Monika’s Marketplace is a company that prides itself in high quality, practical, and affordable products for the home and family. Their baby car shade is made to provide full protection of babies and worry free from the heat that may cause skin illness. This baby car shade can be found on

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