Overactive Bladder Book Release Scheduled For National Bladder Health Week

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(Newswire.net — October 29, 2015) St. Petersburg, Florida — A brand new published book is scheduled for release just in time for National Bladder Health Week on November 10-14, 2015. This special, life changing book is titled “PeeLess: The Drug-Free Painless Solution To Your Overactive Bladder” and is specifically for those people who suffer from making excessive bathroom visits.

This life changing book is published by Motivation Press from Melbourne, Florida will be made available first online as an Amazon Kindle book and then will later be offered as a softcover book which will be shipped out to customers.  It’s author is Justin Mandel, DOM AP, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine who practices in St. Petersburg, Florida who’s been treating Overactive Bladder patients since he’s been an intern.  

The reason behind its carefully orchestrated release of the book is to help bring awareness to the 10% of Americans and people worldwide who suffer from an Overactive Bladder.  This special book will be a brand new way that people can learn how they can help minimize their frequency of bathroom visits on their own, without ever having to visit to their physician.  

Through the carefully researched information inside this book sufferers can become knowledgeable about what foods they are ingesting that can antagonize the lining of their urinary bladder so they can “Pee Less”.  By systematically discovering which of the top 10 worst offenders might be causing the excessive urination one can help prevent excessive needless bathroom visits from the outset.

Justin Mandel, DOM AP, the author of PeeLess had this to say about it, “I think it’s about time that a book like this is made available to the public. It’s a very easy quick book to read that’s a compendium of information available for people who suffer from Overactive Bladder.

The information found inside is extremely powerful because of how it can magnificently transform people’s lives.  Application of the material does not purposely require a medical degree in any way whatsoever, so anyone with a high school education level and up will be able to benefit.

Included inside are charts that readers can review on what they will need to fill out to accurately track the changes that they experience.  These charts are included as part of the 4 special bonus downloads being exclusively made available to readers so they can get as much out of the book as possible, and then take action to potentially make the changes that they wish to see.
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