XLNTbrain Mobile App Offers Unique Concussion Balance Test

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(Newswire.net — October 13, 2015) National Harbor, MD –While commenting on a NFL statement, in one of last week’s blogs I mentioned this, perhaps obscure, little app that happens to include a unique Balance Test worth noting. It’s one of the fastest, easiest sideline detection tools available to administer on a potentially concussed individual.

And it’s available for FREE. Download “XLNTbrain Mobile” from iTunes or Google Play, then follow these instructions to use as a guest in “Simulation” mode.

Although this “little test” may have been overshadowed by the NFL news, it’s quite an effective tool that has many advantages over other apps, as well as the myriad of other concussion tests coming to the market.

A few main advantages to using a Balance Test are that it is an objective and quantifiable assessment of balance relying on accelerometer technology rather than subjective observation.  The Balance Test can be administered in less than 60 seconds. The test can help distinguish between central nervous system and vestibular — or inner ear — dysfunction. Perhaps, the best part is the Balance Test can also be used in the office or at home throughout the recovery process, giving medical professionals good data to base return-to-play decisions.

The XLNTbrain Balance Test measures balance with accelerometer technology built-into most smartphones. It can be used as a in “Simulation” mode at no charge. Please try the Balance Test, but realize it was designed to be a companion with the more comprehensive set of tools and capabilities, within the XLNTbrain Sideline Assessment Tool™ —  which is integrated into the full platform at XLNTbrain.com. This service is available for a low monthly, annual subscription.

Today XLNTbrain.com is being used by thousands of athletes and teams nationwide in a wide range of sports from youth to sports levels. Introduced last May 2014, XLNTbrain Mobile has received positive feedback from my colleagues in neurology, athletic training, sports medicine and other clinic settings.

Try the XLNTbrain Mobile App — Balance Test FREE in 5 Steps

The following 5-step process takes a less than one minute to administer after downloading the app from from iTunes or Google Play. First, switch device to “Do Not Disturb” Mode. Then:

  1. Click “Simulation”
  2. Choose “XLNTBrain School”
  3. Choose “XLNTbrain-balance
  4. After reviewing the instructions, click Next
  5. “Choose the Athlete.” Administer the test on athlete in standing positions as directed with eyes open and closed. The device will buzz when it begins and ends measure to of balance. 

Upon completing the test, you will receive scores of movement in the eyes open, eyes closed states and the total score. A total score greater than “20″ is abnormal and reflect poor balance. A large difference between the eyes open and eyes closed (eyes closed worse than eyes open) scores, suggests a vestibular problem (inner ear). If both are bad, then it could be sign of a central nervous system dysfunction. Either way, both are potential signs of concussion.

Total scores over 20 should be acknowledged as a potential sign of concussion in the context of the more comprehensive Sideline Assessment Tool and should trigger team protocol for post injury management. The Balance Test can then be used throughout the recovery process to gauge improvement.

The Balance Test is only one piece of information to consider when detecting the presence of concussion. It is not designed to be the only test to give. When integrated with the Xlntbrain.com platform, users benefit from having access to the full suite of tests, previous results, automated reporting an recovery guidance, among other features. 

Plus, the Balance Test is just fun to have around to test on friends. Give it a try, and tell me what you think.




Bonus — Today, my new e-book “Concussionology: Redefining Sports Concussion Management for All Levels” became available and it gives an overview of my protocol and how the balance test fits in.



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